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TMR’S Best Of 2020!

2020 has been insanely horrible for the whole world and a lot of people, well basically everyone. Who are we kidding? Our beloved music industry has suffered as a whole most notably smaller bands and labels, let alone larger more notable bands. Live streaming that was once a novelty has now been a form of income in a year heavily impacted by a disease that shall not be mentioned. Internal Bleeding has a stream coming up this Saturday, Imperial Triumphant, Behemoth, The Black Dahlia Murder, Leprous with Ishahn (Emperor), Between The Buried & Me, Trivium and a ton of other acts have done some sort of live stream for some sort of monetary value this year. Sure, they’re definitely not the same thing as a live show but its the closest we are getting to one right now. Beggers can’t be choosers, and is unfortunately going to carry into some time of next year in 2021 as well.

This year has been unusually fruitful for myself. Without getting too specific and personal this shitshow of a year has been grateful to me in the following ways:

  • Bought a new vehicle I’m picking up Saturday
  • Eliminated all of my personal debt
  • Worked a lot at my job through all of this being able to take care of my wife and I
  • Got our leaky roof fixed finally
  • The job I have had for 2 years (next year is my second year) has been a blessing in disguise no matter what I disagree with, leading to the most money I have ever made in a year this year in 2020 (No I will not disclose that amount but it’s a great feeling
  • All the great music that has been released this year I will shortly mention my favorites of 2020

Now onto the one bad thing that I’m doing is well, this article. Last year’s 2019 article I scheduled for New Year’s Eve and updated my lists and was able to modify it adding what I enjoyed from last year. It got so busy that I didn’t find enough time as you’ve seen with the website’s production. I’m talking 6 days a week, 60ish hours voluntary Saturday or Sunday to deal with the increased food supply demands during the year. As a result you can see the website has flickered on and off this year, leaving me with little time to organize the TMR year end article. And because we’re cooler than most music websites, I wait until the last day of the year. Why? Because a ton of music is released every year including the month of December! A lot of websites post their favorites of the year in NOVEMBER! So just fuck December right? No, we’re that cool here. Anyways I apologize for the lack of effort in comparison to last year’s expansive article. I’m just going to post a list of any release (full length, EP or a single).

And before I compose the aforementioned list, I will repeat THERE IS NO ORDER. Nobody ever pays attention to this huge note, maybe they will this year because its next to an image? THERE. IS. NO. ORDER! Don’t go claiming you were #1 on our list because your band happened to be the first slot or the twelfth or whatever position it happens to be in. I’m just making a list of releases I really liked with NO SPECIFIC ORDER! Take that into account, please. Now, onto the oversized list of music from 2020. Maybe the only order in this list is ALPHABETICAL! You will see that from the get go as I’m just making the list browsing my music library of 2020 releases. There is also a good chance I might forget something so sound off in the comments section here or somewhere on social media barking at me maybe I’ll make an edit if need be! Enjoy my obscene list!

  • Aborted- La Grande Mascarade
  • Aborted Fetus- Pyramids Of Damnation
  • Aepoch- The Scryer
  • Afterbirth- Four Dimensional Flesh
  • Ahtme- Mephitic
  • Allegaeon- Concerto in Dm
  • Alter Idem- Fragments Of Consciousness
  • Alukah- Descending
  • Anaal Nathrakh- Endarkment
  • Annihilator- Ballistic, Sadistic
  • Anthropic- Architects Of Aggression
  • Arch Echo- Story 1
  • Aronious- Perspicacity
  • Astrolabe- Death: An Ode To Life
  • Atrae Bilis- Divinihility
  • Autocatalytica- Powerclashing Maximalism
  • Benediction- Scriptures
  • Black Crown Initiate- Violent Portraits Of Doomed Escape
  • Buried Realm- Embodiment Of The Divine
  • Carnal Abhorrence- The Crowned Apocalypse
  • Carnation- Where Death Lies
  • Cerebral Engorgement- Gastrointestinal Bleeding
  • Christian Muenzner- Path Of The Hero
  • Clown core- Van
  • Coexistence- Collateral Dimension
  • Contrarian- Only Time Will Tell
  • Covidectomy- Covidectomy
  • Cowonaviwus released a handful of singles from their upcoming album to be named (Covid 69, Femboy Fucking Friday, The Great Cosmic Suppository, Infected, Smells like BITCH,Uwu $lam Crew)
  • Cranial Contamination- Into The Warp
  • Cult Of Lilith- Mara
  • Cytotoxin- Nuklearth
  • Darkened Divinity- Love Like A Dying Star
  • Deeds Of Flesh- Nucleus
  • Defeated Sanity- The Sanguinary Impetus
  • Depravity- The Grand Malevolence
  • Devangelic- Ersetu
  • Dessiderium- Shadow Burn
  • Disavowed- Revocation Of The Fallen
  • Ecchymosis- Ritualistic Intercourse Within Abject Surrealism
  • Embodiment- Palingenesis
  • Embryectomy- Flamethrower Ecdysis
  • Emperium- Advent
  • Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy- Glam Not Slam
  • Esophagus- Defeated By Their Inferiority
  • Exist- Egoiista
  • Exocrine- Maelstrom
  • Extended Putrefaction- 5th Stage Of Death
  • The Fallen Prophets- No End In Sight
  • Fire Garden- Point Blank
  • Folterkammer- Die Lederpredigt
  • Frogg- A Reptilian Dystopia
  • Galactic Mechanics- The Ominus Quadrant
  • Gangrenectomy- Cannibalistic Criteria Of The Mantis
  • Gargoyl- Gargoyl
  • Geoff Barone- The Darkest Of Summers
  • Glorious Depravity- Ageless Violence
  • Goratory- Sour Grapes
  • Gorephilia- In The Eye Of Nothing
  • Gutrectomy- Slaughter The Innocent
  • Haken- Virus
  • Halothane- The Serpent’s Gaze
  • The Hallowed Catharsis- Killowner
  • Hateful- Set Forever On Me
  • Human Barbecue- Bloodstaind Altars
  • Human Vivisection- Salvation Will Come
  • I Am Destruction- Nascency
  • Imperial Triumphant- Alphaville
  • Incantation- Sect Of Vile Divinities
  • Incinerate- Sacrilegivm
  • Inferi- Of Sunless Realms
  • Ingested- Where Only Gods May Tread
  • Intercepting Pattern- The Encounter
  • Intervals- Circadian
  • Intronaut- Fluid Existential Inversions
  • John Petrucci- Terminal Velocity
  • Krosis- A Memoir Of Free Will
  • Leprous- Castaway Angels
  • Litterbox Massacre- 28 Meows Later
  • Luna’s Call- Void
  • Machine Head- Circle The Drain
  • Morphogenetic Malformation- Into The Odiousness
  • Myth Of I- Myth Of I
  • The Ocean- Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic I Cenozoic
  • Odious Mortem- Synesthesia
  • Of Feather And Bone- Sulfuric Disintegration
  • Omniarch- Omniarch
  • Omnivortex- Diagrams Of Consciousness
  • Peripheral Cortex- God Kaiser Hell
  • Pestilectomy- Ceremonial Abhorrence
  • Pillory- Scourge Upon Humanity
  • Plini- Impulse Voices
  • Post Mortal Possession- Catacombs Of Bedlam
  • A Pretext To Human Suffering-Rotting Sanctum
  • Profanity- Fragments Of Solace
  • Purulence- Morphogen
  • Putrid Defecation- Explosive Public Toilet Diarrhea
  • Pyrrhon- Abscess Time
  • Scatology Secretion- Submerged In Glacial Ruin
  • Solstafir- Endless Twilight Of Codependent Love
  • Spectrum Of Delusion- Neoconception
  • Stillbirth- Revive The Throne
  • Super Slam Bros.- Illegal Dino Racing
  • Sutrah- Aletheia
  • Svart Crown- Wolves Among The Ashes
  • Svengahli- Nightmares Of Our Own Design
  • Sylosis- Cycle Of Suffering
  • Symbolik- Emergence
  • Texas Murder Crew- Everyone’s Last Breath
  • Tigran Hamasyan- The Call Within
  • Torturous Inception- Owari
  • Trivium- What The Dead Men Say
  • Turning Virtue- Beautiful
  • Twitch Of The Death Nerve- A Resting Place For The Wrathful
  • Ulcerate- Stare Into Death And Be Still
  • Undeath- Lesions Of A Different Kind
  • Unmerciful- Wrath Encompassed
  • Unurnment- Self Immolation Suite
  • Visions Of Disfigurement- Aeons Of Misery
  • Wormhole- The Weakest Among Us
  • Xenobiotic- Mordrake

I will however crown the worst release of 2020 and definitely the decade to….

Six Feet Under- Nightmares Of The Decomposed

For obvious reasons.

What did I say? That’s one hell of a list! There’s quite a diverse list and a unfortunately plenty I didn’t cover but still enjoyed. There’s definitely something in there for everyone and hopefully some artist(s) you haven’t heard of or a release you did not know came out! But I will admit that Wormhole album burned a lot of fucking minutes for myself this year.

Sound off somewhere in the comments if I missed anything because there was a lot of stellar music released in 2020 despite obvious circumstances. I will admit Imperial Triumphant’s Alphaville was definitely my favorite artwork of 2020 hands down. What a beautiful and extremely detailed album cover!

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