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Unfathomable Ruination- Enraged And Unbound

Unfathomable Ruination is releasing their upcoming album “Enraged And Unbound” this Friday November 22nd.  I’ve been enjoying this album for months and is definitely the band’s best material….and no I’m not saying that because its cliche.  It’s because this is ridiculously true to say the least.  The band tapped two legendary vocalists….Julien from Benighted (“Defy The Architect”) and Sven from Aborted (“Occulta Violentiam”).  If that doesn’t show you how far the band has come, well then I’m gonna dive deep into this monstrous release.  My brother from another mother Austin dropped the album stream yesterday and you can check it out right here!

I dig this band for many reasons….one big reason is how unconventional and inconsistent they are.  Technical death metal gets a bit formulaic and predictable at times.  Unfathomable Ruination does not follow suit, and really creates unique music to say the least.  They’re very heavy, chaotic and more unusual than your average technical death metal group.


Ben Wright- Vocals
Daniel Herrera- Guitars
Ross Piazza- Guitars
Jake Law- Bass
Doug Anderson- Drums

Their 2016 album “Finitude” drew me in and have been patiently awaiting a follow up to their sophomore release.  Damn, does this ever crush it!   Unfathomable Ruination is a super groovy band, believe it or not.  They have a ton of riffs, and yes they aren’t all over the place like your average tech band.  The guitar solos are just as mesmerizing, just trust me on this one.  Their songwriting has improved since the last release and it really shines on “Enraged And Unbound”.

The drumming on this record is absolutely nuts.  To be able to keep up with just a whacky, technical and heavy band takes some serious talent….it’s a serious workout listening to Anderson’s parts!  There were so many monster releases this year this only adds to the chaos of 2019.  If you think we’re just flapping our gums again just to put out an article, think again.  That link of their album stream is a few paragraphs up…..let that entice you, okay?

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