Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 11-28-19

After an insane 6 day 60+ hour work week last week, I am back to share some hopefully new music with our followers after our first thursday without an article!  TMR has some cool suggestions this week but don’t forget to check out other editions before going forward.


This gnarly project has an instrumental, djenty, atmospheric and slightly pop vibe.  It’s a great addition to the aforementioned genres featuring the wild talents of Japanese phenom ICHIKA.  If you don’t know this young man……well then, eat your heart out Tosin Abasi.  He’s been making waves in the scene, collaborating with all sorts of different artists with his unique talents on guitar.  I enjoy this project as much as his originals under his name, you can’t go wrong anywhere considering Ichika.  Check out their 2017 EP “Casket” below. One can hope there will eventually be some sort of follow up and isn’t a one off…..we can only wait.


We have ATS……and it’s only appropriate we share you the master’s work.  His solo music isn’t the same style as Among The Sleep BY ANY MEANS.  It’s instrumental though, that’s about the only similarity.  It has the proggy tapping style of his peers of Tosin Abasi, Sarah Longfield and Yvette Young (Covet).  Some of his newer stuff has a modern pop tone to it as well with some of his other collaborations.  The kid rips it on instagram daily, showing off his skills making us other guitarists feel totally inferior.  To start your rabbit hole with this phenomenal guitarist, check out the 2017 EP “Forn” below.  Follow him on instagram for insane shred, and just search his name in Youtube….you’ll drool excessively.


Here’s one nasty, heavy and unreal death metal bands for our extreme metal fans to check out.  If you don’t fuck with Infuriate, start right meow.  2018’s self titled album was a serious rager and need to listen to it right away.  There’s no bullshit, it’s everything a death metal fanatic needs and craves.  Nasty riffs, awesome gutturals and even great drumming.  It’s a death metal fan’s wet dream, and then some.  TRUST ME.  Check out the album below, old school fans.

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