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December’s Artist Of The Month is…Rob Scallon!

A lot of people are probably familiar with some of Rob Scallon’s insanely entertaining, interesting and thought provoking videos. What I will guesstimate is I bet a lot of people aren’t familiar with his original music he’s released that have nothing to do with his youtube channel!  He generally writes a lot of ambient instrumental styled music with a lot of finger picking and tapping.  Aside from his love for metal, he writes a lot of beautiful melodies and soothing music believe it or not.  He has a lot of albums he’s released and put out a compilation of his best songs recently titled “Anchor”.  His last album was in 2017 titled “The Scene Is Dead” which is a groovy shred fest.   The mighty JEFF LOOMIS even did a guest solo on the album too!


Rob’s music has captivated me and I hope it does for everyone this month to make people aware of his own music, not his videos!   He’s used his channel to promote his music and done some videos for his songs, but don’t nearly have the same amount of traffic as his others.  He has a good dozen albums and there’s a ton of music to listen to, and you’ll be getting one song per day on our Facebook page!  I do these monthly features to help promote artists and make it easier for our followers to check out music they may not know.  If you dig his style, it would be great if you supported his journey as an artist and enjoy the great music he has written.

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