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Blood Incantation- Hidden History Of The Human Race

Blood Incantation is releasing “Hidden History Of The Human Race” this Friday November 22nd.  This record is definitely their most mature output of their first few LP’S.  It is a lot more psychedelic and more progressive thinking than the first few releases, and has been an absolute joy to listen to on many levels the last few months for myself.  It still has that heavy sound the band has culminated over the first few releases, but there’s a lot more to their songs.  I also caught them supporting Immolation recently and their live show is even nastier!

There’s a lot more melody and even more guitar harmonies that weren’t as prevalent in the first few releases.  This cosmic and psychedelic trip down Blood Incantation lane is one to remember with their very unique twist on death metal.  If “Starspawn” or “Interdimensional Extinction” didn’t really do it or you, I really urge you to listen to this one.  This will go down as one of the year’s best albums especially on my end.  We really enjoy when extreme metal bands do something unique and original (considering how redundant the genre can get).  Blood Incantation stands out in that sea of death metal bands for sure!



Paul Riedl – Guitars/ Vocals

Morris Kolontyrsky – Guitars

Jeff Barrett – Fretless Bass

Isaac Faulk – Drums


If you haven’t heard “Inner Paths To Outer Space” the gnarly instrumental… can thank me later.


“Hidden History Of The Human Race” is a great album from start to finish.  The vocals are consistent, heavy and straight to the point.  They never waver away from the lower end of the spectrum and is the best possible style of gutturals for the band.  As already stated, the diversity of this band keeps growing with every release.  The guitar work is real varied, adding a lot of prog and psych elements with this new album.  The last track is a glorious 18+ minute banger of a back and forth shift between a few genres (it’s just as wild of an experience live let me tell you!).  The rhythms are absolutely nasty, and as a whole Blood Incantation is really in sync.

Can you feel it? Can you DIG IT? Blood Incantation really outdid themselves with this album, and I can’t disagree with the high praise of our fellow media outlets in regards to this great album.  It’s legitimately fantastic and definitely won’t go unnoticed on our end of things.  You all should give them a chance if you haven’t yet, and “Hidden History Of The Human Race” is a great place to start for sure!

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