Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 11-14-19

Hey people! We have some new music for you to listen to today in our weekly article! Brush up on our past editions with more music, there’s plenty to choose from.


This project is one of the best going right now.  It’s a wildly technical and melodic ride to say the least.  The band recently released their latest single “Hericium Dream (Web Of Realms”.  The song is their kookiest, least straightforward and maybe their best.  The guys have drawn inspiration from many areas and this new track shows.  Their album “Woodborn” from last year is pretty great too.  I dig everything this band has done and am not shocked at all how excellent the new song is.  With that said….the rest of the release should be just as good.  Check out the jam below!


We premiered this prog group’s debut track on monday.  Mimesis is a wild and cool new band you should check out.  Listen to the song “CTRL ALT DEL” at the link in the previous sentence and you will see why.  Also in that link is an interview you will want to read! You can preorder their debut through their website as well if it really tickles your fancy.  Neigh.


WOW! This project laid their insane debut “Psalms To The Synthetic Divine” on us last year and I still can’t get over it!  A good amount of technical death metal gets a bit too….much.  It can be a bit predictable and a bit too “perfect” sometimes, which I can see why people aren’t interested in the genre.  The guys have been working on a follow up and hell it’s gonna be wildly difficult to top their debut.  Listen to that monster below as we await new music!

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