Black Crown Initiate “Years In Frigid Light”

Pennslyvania’s finest Black Crown Initiate have released a spectacular new song I can’t get out of my head.  It’s such a melodic, trippy, proggy filled banger.  They are one of a select group of bands that you can’t put a finger on their sound…..they’re just….Black Crown Initiate.  A lot of metalheads aren’t into it as much as the debut EP and long for pure brutality.  Well, that heaviness never went away.  I personally love their expanded sound and some clearly don’t.  That’s expected, but heck there’s MUCH WORSE MUSIC out there for pete’s sake. I love the improved singing of Andy’s voice and that lead guitar melody at the end of the song before the breakdown at the end of the track…..intense fapping going on let me tell you.  If this is anything like their two full lengths we are in for a serious treat.  I get it, people won’t like everything you do but honestly BCI is morphing into progressive death metal’s biggest gem right now.  “Years In Frigid Light” is just another testament of their improved songwriting and growth as musicians.  If you haven’t heard this musical gem go jam it below.

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