Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 9-26-19

TMR has some more tuneage for your earholes! Let us fill those holes for you! Today is another lame attempt to promote more new(ish) bands for our followers to hopefully listen to and support.  We have been doing this since the beginning of the year so check out our old suggestions!


WOW. Their new EP “Planet Storm” has well kinda taken me by storm.  I’ve seen this floating around lately and this past week my jaw dropped.  Nasty heavy tech death the way it should be.  If that’s your thing you’ll love Anomaly.  Stop wasting time and listen to their new EP now!


One modern prog gem is the duo that is “A Novelist”.  They released an under the radar album “Folie” earlier this year.  Lots of cool twists and turns into that huge album if you’re into progressive music.  It’s an original and weird trip down prog alley on this cool release.  This band hauls ass and you should give them a shot now.  Go listen to “Folie”!


Brave The Waters is a unique instrumental duo.  They’re really psychedelic, kinda proggy and very ambient.  Their album “Chapter II Days Of Solitude” is a super cool release and am curious to what else they could have in store.  It’s a laid back, melodic and chill album you should give a go.  The album is really original and a fun time to listen to.  Go fill your ear holes with sweet music provided to you by Brave The Waters..

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