Odyssey “The Culling” Official Song Premiere

Instrumental Progressive Metal band Odyssey is premiering their smashing new track “The Culling” with us today from their upcoming album “The Swarm”! The Washington trio is releasing this album on the 24th and this will be the final single from the upcoming album.  This progressive band composed a rather straightforward song with “The Culling”.  It’s actually a pretty quick track, so if you dig speed you’ll probably fall in love with this great track.  There’s great rhythms that remind you of classic metal bands of the 80’s, with a few slower parts mixed in for good measure.  The tight guitar work of Jerrick shines through on here, especially with more concise and melodic guitar leads.  If you’re into instrumental music I guarantee you’ll be a big fan of Odyssey.  If you haven’t heard the other track “The Swarm” go ahead and get caught up with their other new song.  This band is so cool we couldn’t be more happier here at TMR to show the world this great song by Odyssey! Dive right in and enjoy!


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