Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 5-9-19

Hello people of the universe! We are back with another edition of Try Something New Thursday! Before you enjoy this week’s selection of bands to check out, listen to the bands of past editions right here!


Maybe they’re not THAT underground, considering one of the band’s members is George from Nile (who also has done some vocals on their albums).  Both band’s guitarists Brian and Jim are from Rochester, which means they’re our “local” spotlight of the week! Vick was in all her glory when she reviewed their new album this year “Their Worm Never Dies” and also interviewed  both of the guys.  They have a progressive death metal sound that heavily resembles the older part of the genre, rather than the newer and heavier version of the genre.  The guys put together an all star touring band featuring Bill Bodily on bass (Flotsam and Jetsam, Ex Inhumatus), Patrice Hamelin on drums (Gorguts, Cephalic Carnage and Beneath The Massacre) and Cody McConell on vocals (Shepard Of Rot, Ex- Abdicate).  Check out their massive record “Their Worm Never Dies” below in all of its glory.





Progressive Rock trio Astrolabe released an amazing EP last year “The Fool, The Hanged Man & The Hermit”.  It’s a truly unique experience that I loved, and was a great offering overall.  They put out a perfect debut offering, and deserve more attention.  They grabbed the services of legendary prog drummer Marco Minneman incase you wanted some motivation to check them out.

You can check out the EP right here!



This wild new project features members of Decrepit Birth, The Zenith Passage and Fallujah.  Their no nonsense and straightforward approach to death metal is real.  No gimmicks, hooks or bullshit…..just pure death metal, with a little technical flare here and there.  They just released their debut EP April 19th “Where Terror Thrives”.  It’s much better than nothing for sure.  Considering how active some of their bands are, who knows when they will come up with new tunes…..and another album after this one has been out for a while.  Listen to their brutal debut right below.



Instrumental band Phaeton released their self titled album over the winter in December. These guys have a great, laid back and melodic approach to instrumental music.  It’s very modern and have some great melodies.  They’re sophisticated, and not shred focused…..Phaeton’s melodies are very artsy and heartfelt.  The rhythms are equally as great.  Check out the album below for some proof if you’re not convinced.

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