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Astrolabe- The Hermit, The Fool, The Hanged Man



This band totally surprised me and caught me off guard.  After I checked out their upcoming 3 song EP, they got me hooked.  This progressive psychedelic rock band kept me interested with the fact one of my favorite prog drummers Marco Minneman stepped in and recorded the drums on this EP! HOLY SHIT! That isn’t even the best part.  The melodic guitar playing of Victor keeps the music even fresher than it already is.  You have a great psychedelic classic prog rock vibe, with some occasional yelling and shouting here and there to make sure you’re paying attention as well.  It’s a well written EP that is very artistic and tasteful.

Astrolabe has successfully blended many eras, influences and ideas into one wild melodic roller coaster.  Although the songs may be kinda technical and more unusual in comparison to oversaturated commercialized music, that shouldn’t stop anyone from checking out Astrolabe.  The heavy amount of keys, synth and organ tracks really give it the classic prog rock vibe the guys were going for.  The further the EP goes on, the more you musically and artistically understand how hard these guys really worked on this EP.  Not just musically, but the theme and lyrics as well.  This was anything BUT a half assed effort from Astrolabe.  I totally recommend this insane piece of music to anyone looking to try something new, or artistic.  Check out this EP when it’s released December 7th and buy it right away!


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