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Catalysis Self Titled Debut EP


Catalysis is releasing their self titled debut EP in groovy and melodic fashion.  This groove and melody driven metal band is worth your listen if that makes you tingle all over.  The guys got help from Mendel from ABORTED mixing their EP! Now let’s get to some tuneage.

I’ll be honest….modern metal (in the commercial sense) has turned to absolute breakdown riddled bullshit (at least in my continent of North America, Europe is a glorious scene and totally different in my opinion).  The better metal bands in my opinion are smaller and don’t want to sacrifice their sound to sound catchy. Catalysis though proved me wrong, with a smile on my face.  Their aggression and passion remind me of the younger, more talented Machine Head (not the Catharsis era shit).  There’s plenty of growling and some singing as well that perfectly compliments their sound.


Here are some of the band’s upcoming shows in support of their Self Titled EP.  If you live in Europe, get to these shows!



Drew Cochrane – Lead Guitar
Sean Ramson – Rhythm Guitar
Col MacGregor – Bass & Vocals
Calum Rennie – Drums




I wanted to change it up around here, for a few articles.  Something not as tech or experimental, but still in your face.  Catalysis is a great band that brings the energy and headbanging without sacrificing any quality in their music.  Cochrane and Ramson’s chemistry on guitar is great for a fellow shredder to hear, there’s some good leads on the EP but they’re not oversaturated that they kill the songs and take up the whole EP.  The band was another fun surprise I got the chance to check out and thoroughly enjoyed their debut EP, as should the rest of the world.  The EP drops December 14th, mark that day on your calendars and get your preorders in as well at the link right below.

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