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Geoff Barone- Acquiescence



Geoff Barone is a local musician from Western New York who writes and records his music as a mutli instrumentalist.  He has a unique sound that propels the listener to multiple galaxies all at the same time.  There is a big operatic and cinematic influence mixed in with some Devin Townsend chunks of past and present.  Acquiescence is a rock opera concept.  And how cool is that album cover? That TOTALLY SCREAMS western new york.  I enjoyed the album because there aren’t many true artists (or maybe I haven’t stumbled upon the right ones) around my area.  Not trying to be kvlt or trve, ya know.  What I’m struggling to say is an artist that not only is a multi instrumentalist and at least mixes their own music, but also dips into many genres and isn’t afraid.  We have so many one genre bands and artists that guys like Barone are a good reminder to hold out hope for those types.  He has plenty of heavier sections, but doesn’t overdo it musically.  He isn’t out to rip your heart out playing at 300 BPM, Geoff is focused on song layering and writing.  There’s acoustics, clean guitar, saxophone and lots of different piano and keyboard tracks.  Even the trumpet makes an appearance towards the end of the album!

He has that knack on not repeating himself musically.  Some bands tend to write the same exact way or stick to a certain formula.  Barone has masterfully put together a solid   album that is so diverse it should see a wider audience.  His prog background makes for a wild trip that occasionally reminds you of the old days of Zappa here and there.  He had plenty of guests make appearances vocally and instrumentally that bring this album to light.  If you’re looking for a fresh prog sound that isn’t extreme, and like a good concept album with some nods to some great artists in the genre…..Geoff Barone is your man for the job.  “Acquiescence” has been out since April and should check out the sales on his bandcamp.  He currently has a deal that includes lyrics, a few bonus tracks and iPhone voice memo recordings of the 16 songs! Oh, and there’s plenty of other albums to check out too don’t you worry. The man is a true musician and artist, don’t be a cheapskate and listen for free.  Try to support the man’s journey, at least.

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