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Atlas Entity release “Murmurs Of Dissent”

Atlas Entity have recently released their single “Murmurs Of Dissent” from their upcoming album “Beneath The Cosmic Silence”.  Pardon my ignorance but I was unaware and uneducated of this cool project.  I found out about this cool band in a recent PR email linking this great song.  This is the brainchild of multi faceted musician Alex Gallegos who does the guitars, bass, vocals and keyboards in his band.  What peaked my interest is he enlisted the help of extreme metal great Samus Pauliecelli (Decrepit Birth, obnoxious funny and talented Youtuber) to track drums for his songs.  And dang… they ever click.

The vicious guitar and vocal attack from Gallegos is really impressive.  He has a great guttural that doesn’t necessarily stay in the same range, and his guitar playing is arguably as impressive.  And well…..what can you say about Samus? He’s born to blast.  And blasting beats is what he eats, lives, and breathes.  There’s a reason Decrepit Birth is so great and he’s a huge reason why.  The album also features Rafael Trujillo of Obscura with a guest guitar solo on one of the songs as well (sorry, it’s not this one!).  Guys like Alex are musicians I respect a lot.  He can do a lot of things, and it’s absolutely mind blowing that one guy is the basic heart and soul of a band.  Listen to the song below.  Don’t forget that “Beneath The Cosmic Silence “is out on June 14th, so there’s no excuse to get preorders in now.

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