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Brainblast premiere 4th and final track “Primal Impulse”

Brainblast have come back with another amazing effort.  I’m gonna change my mind and say this might be the strongest of the 4, and as good as the previously released song ““The Golden Age Of Wisdom”.  Check out the other two songs  “Unbreathable Atmosphere” and “Dextrorotatory Gammadeon” before you go any further.  Any way you slice it, Brainblast have a mind blowing EP that will grow on you instantly.  “Primal Impulse” is their most technical, diverse and also most likely their heaviest of the four.  You need some serious convincing for a new band?  First off, the legendary artist Tom Fountainhead mixed and mastered their EP.   He’s a legend in the technical community, so there’s one reason.  Second reason…they’re supporting BEYOND CREATION AND EXHUMED this week! HOLY CRAP! For a new band, that’s extremely rare and unheard of.  I definitely think Brainblast will be a rising band in the technical death metal scene and this EP will do them a lot of justice.  Folks like us need to get them out there more, and make more metalheads aware of this great band.  Enjoy “Primal Impulse”!

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