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Brainblast reveal new track “The Golden Age Of Wisdom”

Brainblast released another new song “The Golden Age of Wisdom”!  Check out the other two tracks Dextrorotatory Gammadeon and Unbreathable Atmosphere before you go any further.  This track isn’t too far off the course of what this technical death metal band is achieving.  It’s equally as heavy and punishing as the first two singles, but I think I enjoyed this as much as the first two.  The guitar solos are more melodic, and may include the best vocal performance of these three songs so far.  It also has more speed changes, which I love in music.  These guys also just announced a little while ago they will be opening a show for Beyond Creation and Exhumed! That’s pretty amazing to say the least! Check out “The Golden Age Of Wisdom” below and get your shred on!

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