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April 2019’s Artist Of The Month is Hideous Divinity!

I gave Vick the reigns to choose March’s featured band  Contrarian.  We brainstormed a bunch of random bands, and we AGREED on one great band! So for the first time, TMR brings you a mutually agreeable featured band! We have chosen Hideous Divinity for a multitude of reasons.  This death metal band has bought a great deal of groove and technicality, but never wavering from their true death metal roots.  2017 brought the world another stellar HD record “Adveniens” with an even more ferocious Italian death metal attack.  That great album is only their third in their existence, but in our eyes they keep improving every album.  We are fairly sure a decent amount of our followers know of or at least dig Hideous Divinity.  In the event that you don’t, we will be annoying you all month with HD tracks.  Oh, and there were hints they will be eventually putting out a new single sometime soon.  Wouldn’t that be cool to do, in April? How convenient would that be?


This wild tour started towards the end of March but is going until late April.  HD barely ever comes to North America, and when they do it’s with a wild lineup like this.  Some of death metal’s finest bands, and up and coming (Hideous Divinity!) all joined forces for a sweet BLASTBEAT PARTY! If it hits up your neck of the woods, don’t hesitate.  I may hit up Toronto for all I know.

Their amazing drumming and rhythms paired with Enrico’s awesome gutturals make them an extremely large diamond on the rough.  I’ve known of the band for a few years before they released “Adveniens”, so I’m not a veteran of the band and their existence but still really love what they’ve done.  They also recently announced a signing to Century Media Records worldwide, and that tour we mentioned above is just the start of more great things for Hideous Divinity camp!  HD does a great job blending classic and modern death metal to satisfy fans of all styles of extreme metal.  Give the boys a serious shot and join us along for the ride in April, will ya? This is certainly no April Fool’s joke.  If we wanted to pull a prank, we’d have chosen Six Feet Under.


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