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Bruteus- Anthem

Bruteus is an instrumental prog/fusion trio from North Carolina who released this album “Anthem” last year in November.  The trio will give you something new to listen to and try with their wide and expanded sound.  They have a lot of influence from many eras between jazz fusion, pop, progressive rock and classic rock they’ll leave you guessing with all their mood changes and sound changes.  There’s a lot of psychadelic melodies in here that’ll leave you drifting away…..metaphorically, not literally.   The band takes a mature and melodic with their sophomore release (their first album was released in 2016).  Our followers will love this band if you liked bands we’ve recently covered such as Tortoise Forest and Desert Of The Real.


The guitar work is absolutely stellar.  I really like the drummer, he keeps a consistent groove but can surprise you with some sweet fills.  The bassist is very tasty, and adds a lot to the rhythm when there’s guitar solos, keeps the music very fresh.  I appreciate the fact they focus on song structure, and have good structures at that.  In these genres, it can get too “wankish” or sounds like a few great musicians are just practicing not paying any mind that its a song and not freeform jamming.  Old prog heads and newcomers will definitely dig Bruteus, as their sound is expansive enough to draw in all sorts of ages and crowds to their cool sound.  If you wanna try something out of the norm Bruteus will be a good place to start! We all get in a lull looking for new music, and why not try this band out?  Check out the album below, and head over to their band camp to listen to their first album….and more importantly buy their music!

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