Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 7-11-19

TMR is back with more bands for our followers to check out! Enjoy this interesting selection of bands for this edition!  If you’re not familiar with this weekly article, check out plenty of past editions right here before you proceed with today’s bands.


These guys are an instrumental progressive/fusion band with a slightly different twist than other instrumental bands.  Bruteus has a hint of classic rock in their sound as well which is pretty cool.  They released “Anthem” last year which they’ve been promoting since it’s release date.  This North Carolina trio is really, really good.  If you’re longing for a fresh, new and energetic sound listen to their music now.  Check out “Anthem” below!


Vancouver’s own progressive metallers KOSM have released an EP “Eyes On The Inside” recently and caught me off guard.  I didn’t know they had more new material already and just got around to listening to it.  Their debut “Cosmonaut” was released last year and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  If you love your prog chunkier and sludgier KOSM is right up your ally.  They are definitely one of the genre’s best kept secrets and lets not make them a secret anymore, okay? The EP is definitely another couple notches above “Cosmonaut”.  It’s a lot more energetic and aggressive with more clean sections mixed in to even the moods out.  Check that EP out below if this interests you.



Don’t mess with Texas, especially if it’s IAD.  This brutal death metal band really hits home (for me at least).  As expected from the state’s metal history, the groove is definitely there.  The 2018 EP “Violence Devours” is a pretty normal occurrence in my rotation and should be in yours.  The guys have been hard at work on their debut full length through their record label Unique Leader Records.  We’re in for quite the doozy if it’s anything like “Violence Devours”.  Check out that EP below and sink your teeth into this brutal banger.

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