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Humiliaton- Karnaval Genosida

Humiliation is a technical brutal death metal band from Indonesia who dropped a stellar album last year titled “Karnaval Genosida”.  The band brings a brutal and forceful attack, with not too much of a leaning towards old school or newer death metal.  The guys do a stellar job of blending both eras of extreme metal, and bring it to their sound.  The vocalist is very energetic and up front leading the charge.  What I really dig is their drummer who is constantly changing speeds and effortlessly playing fills who’s a clear master at his craft. The rhythm section is pretty impressive for the Humiliation crew. The album is so energetic I bet these guys are a serious doozy live.



Adam Ardhandy – Vocals
Hamzah Sastra – Guitar
Firman Ananda – Bass
Hinhin Akew – Guitar
Luthfi Setyo – Drum
In my recent discoveries there have been some other solid bands out of Indonesia such as INRAINBerantai, Ash Prison, and Neptunus. Humiliation is no exception to the rule, the more I hear from their people.  Yes, there’s even a track where there is some singing….don’t get all cranky on that, mmmmmkay?  Their guitarists provide very stellar guitar work, to say the least.  “Karnaval Genosida” is a solid album that will most likely get passed over or aren’t even familiar with the band.  I personally happened to randomly stumble across them this morning on my Facebook feed and immediately checked their music out…..and I’m glad I did. Let’s change that and get these guys heard!

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