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Berantai- Worldly As Revenge


I have been talking up some bands from the Indonesian parts of the world, and another solid undiscovered tech death gem from around the world Berantai is oh so good.  I have recently made friends with a record label from the country, and am impressed with the bands they’re building up on their label Eastbreath Records.  These guys however are independent and impressively have a solid online following.  Berantai adds some cool melodies, and sweet bass tapping to their wild influx of sounds. They’re not too over the top like the tech godfathers, and hold solid rhythms.  The vocals are pretty consistent and a nice mid range that many metalheads will appreciate rather than a vocalist who is all over the place.  The first track from “Worldly As Revenge” really grabs your attention, and the second song “District Of War” keeps the tech train a’ rollin’.  The guitar work is incredible, to say the least.  The drumming is really solid and keeps a great groove impressively, in a technically demanding genre.

Berantai is in the unfortunate state of a country and region that has its heart in the right place that loves extreme music, but so many people in the rest of our planet don’t generally associate the country with metal.  I’m seeing that more and more, and want to help that country out because there are other parts of the world (YES EVEN SMALL COUNTRIES!) that pump out amazing music.  North America and the larger countries in Europe produce countless bands, but there’s other continents and countries that do as well.  Don’t sleep on Indonesia! Or Asian metal, in general.  Give these lads a chance and open your ears! I hope you enjoy the tracks as much as I did!





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