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Marc Durkee- Remain In Stasis


Marc Durkee is releasing his album “Remain In Stasis” January 18th of 2019 and it’s a great progressive rock treat! You can also check out a guitar play through of the song “The Dark Dimension” above this sentence.  He is a wealth of talent writing not just all of the music, but also recording it!  He is a jack of all trades, like Steven Wilson…..maybe I shouldn’t go that far, or SHOULD I? His voice is very diverse, he cansing a beautifully sung part and then add some gravel to his voice to give his music and lyrics more emotion.  His approach on guitar reflects his wide spectrum of his voice, which makes a killer combination.


Marc is giving you that “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” look.  He is annoyed because you need to preorder his album to help him keep making great music.

Durkee’s approach is multi faceted and has many sounds blended into his music.  He would be a great support for an Opeth, Steven Wilson or Katatonia tour….simply put he has broad horizons as an artist, and his music clearly reflects it.  Let’s all do the guy a favor and not only grab his upcoming album, but also get his great music out there.  2019 has many solid releases lined up and “Remain In Stasis” should be there the whole time.

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