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Dischord- Corruption Of Innocence


Dischord is a pretty wild death metal band from Canada who blends a wealth of subgenres into the mold that is themselves.  There’s some prog moments, and even a little technicality here and there for good flavor.  For Death freaks like me into “The Sound of Perseverance” era, Dischord will make you yearn for those glory prog tech death years but modernized a bit.  Their latest effort “Corruption Of Innocence” was released back in September on the 21st.  Canada has been churning out some great underdog metal bands and Dischord keeps that true statement alive.

There’s a lot of speed involved in well, bringing in an interesting technical thrash sound to the album as well.  I like the raw sound on the album, it isn’t overly produced and almost fits in with that late 80’s early 90’s death metal sound.  You can purchase this wildly impressive album here.  Luc Gagne’s guitar work and vocals are absolutely stunning.  The band’s dual guttural attack is awfully sweet between real low growls, and a higher Schuldiner influenced shriek that compliments the lows oh so sweetly.


Luc Gagné : Guitar / lead vocals
Samuel Frenette: Guitar / backing vocals
Alex Cormier: Bass / backing vocals
Marc-André Richard: Drums

Truthfully, this is a solid album that should see the light of day that generic metal offerings unfortunately get more traffic.  If you’re not a bitch, you would appreciate a solid band such as Dischord.  If not, then your loss!

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