And what a massacre it was! Man, the last time I saw Bug Jar that packed, it was 1349!
It was awesome walking into a packed bar, supporting a local metal lineup. Initially, I was unsure about the turnout, but I was wrong in ever doubting Rochester to begin with. It was extra sweet seeing all of friendly faces from my neck of the woods who also made the trek out.

Death/ grind/ noise amalgamation Sulaco busted open the night and god damn, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a crowd get as rowdy as the one for them did last night. The floor was packed, and it was difficult to move. Unless you were front and center, of course. The pit even got a little too out of hand when a rogue crowdsurfer latched himself onto the light rig, broke it, and landed hard on the floor. I think I saw him get up and mosh a bit later, I sincerely hope he’s okay. And I hope he didn’t hurt too bad this morning.


Utica NY’s premiere prog/death quartet Inhumatus once again demonstrated their outstanding musical prowess, and kept the energy flowing in the room. Have I told you how stoked I am to hear new music from these guys? Oh, I did? Well, you should keep an eye out for these guys anyway, I’ve heard some clips of riffs, and their impending new record already sounds quite promising.

And then, Ancalagon. Do I even need to tell you about Ancalagon? By now you should know that Rochester’s meloblack giants never disappoint. But Friday night, frontman Matt brought with him a +1. Can you guess what what was in his small wooden crate? Seeing these guys do what they do best was absolutely the best way to close out live metal this year.  This whole show was. And I couldn’t have been happier.


I might have one more article to churn out in the next couple days, but in case I don’t end up finishing it, I hope y’all had as much of a stellar year as I had. I am forever grateful for everyone’s support. I love you all, and you will certainly see (and hear) more of me in 2019. ♥♥♥♥

So, did you touch the octopus?

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