Dante’s Theory- Playing Fields Of Bloodshed

Again, I’m gonna weird y’all out but my bacon loving heart is growing larger and larger for our asian metal brothers.  This time, this band isn’t from Indonesia for a change.  Dante’s Theory shreds in Singapore, and hot damn.  They’re very energetic and entertaining.  It’s not too modern for me that it’s a deathcore disaster (I don’t like the core subgeneres, sorry kids!) but in fact very, very flavorful.  The vocals are passionate and the driving force along with the band’s drummer.  The band released their latest song “Playing Fields Of Bloodshed” all the way back in September on the 26th.  It is part of a 2 song EP titled  “Deconstruct”.  You can check out the band’s music, as well as the aforementioned song below.  I hope you guys dig the song! I sure as heck did!


Vocals – Remy
Guitars – Syaz
Bass – Aaron
Drums – Karsten








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