Septicemic to Release New Single

For fans of First Fragment, Beyond Creation, Inferi, The Zenith Passage

Almost a year after releasing their first EP, Raleigh based tech quintet Septicemic will be releasing a new single on the first day of 2019. However, lead guitarist Josh DelVendo was kind enough to allow me an early listen.

“Kallara B” is a quick track, but don’t let its duration fool you. From the get-go, it throws you around with fast pace blastbeats and riffage that remain consistent throughout the song.  Vocalist Derek Wertz has a solid range, from dirty highs to lows, some pig-like squeals, and a myriad of tones in between.

What I like the most is that this song has no extra “stuff”- no extra instrumental layering, minimal vocal layers, no symphonic orchestral section, no miscellaneous sound clips. Just some guys, their instruments, and their superb musicianship.

I’ve jammed “Kallara B” several dozen times already, and I’ve found myself air-drumming half the time. If you’re into fast, unrelenting techdeath, Septicemic is absolutely for you.

My only beef is that I wish the song was longer. I feel like it’s only the first segment in a ten minute epic; a behemoth track that would carry its strength and weight throughout its course, laying waste to its listeners.

BUT! Don’t underestimate this song or this band; “Kallara B” is just a small taste of what Septicemic is capable of. You can preorder the single here. It’d be wise to keep your eyes on these guys, there may just be a full length on the horizon. For the time being, you can jam their EP, Vrykolakas, which is also pretty damn sweet, right here on their bandcamp.


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