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Aspired Infliction- The Undying



Buffalo’s own Aspired Infliction is releasing a groovy album “The Undying” officially August 18th, and my preorder came in early! In that case, the people of the internet have to put up with my shit again for yet ANOTHER article *cue groaning in the background*!  The album was recorded at Studio A Recordings and damn is the mix very good on the album.  Why do I like it, you ask? Your average album tends to have one instrument or the vocalist (if there is one) that is more dominant in the mix, and I believe it’s mixed well to the point nothing dominates at all.  It’s well rounded and nothing feels too quiet or buried in any of the songs, once again proving how a solid mix can make an album sound better.

I hate comparing bands because I believe most bands have an original sound and try not to be someone else, and there’s obvious situations where some bands and artists are really trying hard to be their idols.  If I was asked to describe Aspired Infliction it would be like this…..they’re the end result of Pantera and In Flames having a bastard child behind a Dollar General, with sprinkles of Lamb of God and At The Gates.  They have groove for years, and worked hard on their album.  It took them a whole EIGHT YEARS for this record! 2024 here we come?


Pictured are the five goofy fuckers with Anthony the owner of Studio A Recordings

Knowing guitarist Mike Marlinksi, I’m not shocked his geeky ass agreed on a dorky theme involving knights swords and metal armor.  To be honest for the first time in this crappy article, I think the band’s songwriting has evolved from their previous singles.  They were a bit stale and boring before, and never was motivated to catch a show…..after hearing the first few singles they released for “The Undying” I was blown away! Mikey is obsessed with the Swedish Melodic Death Metal scene (melodic death metal, in general) like I am for proggy and techy music.  It really shows on the album with dual guitar leads and harmonies that spice up their songs.

The vocals of Tony are powerful and emotional throughout “The Undying”.  I personally believe its one of the best aspects of the album.  Ben’s groove on drums brings their songs to live and Bill’s thunderous bass playing gives the band a really heavy rhythm section that is very much in sync.  Mike and Jason have great chemistry on guitar, and should definitely check out the band live….I have seen them a few times and they’re very fun! They also do random themes that involve Star Wars and other shit, so you should pay attention.


If you can spot me in their music video, I’ll give you a high five and maybe a slice of bacon.



One of my favorite tracks from The Undying.  Groove, melody and guitar duals (HINT HINT MORE MELO DEATH DUAL GUITAR INFLUENCE)! Oh, and Tony’s heavy ass voice too.




Well….there’s 4 tracks of the 10 songs from The Undying.  Preorder the album at their band camp link or better yet go to the show on it’s release day August 18th at the Tudor Lounge in Buffalo!

I really like the guys….  they’re funny,  they take their job seriously but also have a personality which blends it all to one end result….A Spider Infection.  Er, Aspired Infliction….yeah whoops, my bad.  Check out The Undying today fuckers!

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