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Aethereus- Absentia



Aethereus is releasing a serious banger of an album this Friday August 10th.  Just like it’s newly signed Artisan Era colleagues Mordant Rapture this is the band’s first release on the upcoming technical death metal label.  You can find out more about the band and its members in my interview with them right here. The band had a great debut EP “Ego Futurus” featuring ex Zenith Passage drummer Luis Martinez.  “Absentia” also features new drummer Matt Behner.

The theme behind Absentia is great, and the artwork is even better.  I love the guitar work of Gassman and Chapman, it’s a very good duo.  Vance’s voice enhances the mood of Absentia from the first second his voice kicks in.  It’s a very emotional album and you can tell the further you dive into the journey that the band created.  Oh, and Brody of Rivers of Nihil keeps putting his name out there as he makes yet another guest appearance on “Fluorescent Halls”.

I highly suggest you preorder this album as you really, really don’t want to sleep on it.  Aethereus will open up the eyes of many people who don’t know them, and should make waves within the tech death realms.  The 3 tracks below should convince you to do so.  Absentia is a truly impressive album! Hop aboard The Artisan Era train as spots are quickly filling up!


Absentia Track Listing
1. Cascades of Light
2. Writhe
3. Mortal Abrogation
4. Fluorescent Halls of Decay (Featuring Brody Uttley of Rivers of Nihil)
5. Absentia
6. That Which is Left Behind
7. The Black Circle
8. With You, I Walk
9. The Pale Beast

Vance Bratcher – Vocals  (The Devils of Loudon/Six Days of Darkness)
Kyle Chapman – Guitar/Vocals
Ben Gassman – Guitar
Scott Hermans – Bass  (The Devils of Loudon/ex-Blood and Thunder)
Matthew Behner – Drums  (ex-Fully Consumed/ex-Year of Desolation)




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