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Try Something New Thursday 2-28-19

Hey online people we’re back with another edition of Try Something New Thursday! Let’s see what you think of this week’s batch of bands in comparison to article 1, 2,and 3.  Have at it! CONSIDER THE SOURCE Maybe these guys are new for some of you, maybe they’re not…..but for myself […]


Archaic Decapitator- The Apothecary

Progressive Melodic Death Metal outfit Archaic Decapitator is releasing their upcoming EP “The Apothecary” on April 19th and we have our extremely invaluable opinion on that upcoming effort! The band recently added Xenosis drummer Gary Marotta to their lineup as their drummer, and didn’t hesitate at all to get familiar […]

Try Something New Thursday 2-21-19

Hey people! We’re back with our third edition of Try Something New Thursday! You can check out the bands from the first and second editions before diving into this one!  We hope our followers enjoy another eclectic mix of music from TMR! INHUMATUS Utica’s Progressive Death Metal behemoths Inhumatus bring a technical, […]