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Hath is our September 2023 Artist Of The Month!

New Jersey’s own Hath is our 2023 Featured Artist Of The Month! The band has 3 releases under the belt, most recently (and their most impressive) “All That Was Promised” was a top album from 2022. They mix a progressive and slightly dissonant sound to their brand of death metal. Each song is its own epic journey and you realize how good they are. Not many bands can be so menacing and beautiful at the same time, just like Opeth in their prime. Combine that with solid songwriting and structure, mean guitar riffs and great vocals and drumming you literally have a phenomenal band. There’s some stellar guitar solos mixed into their songs as well.

Although the last album I mentioned caught on in our community, this band is still highly underrated. They scratch a lot of different itches and love this band more each time I revisit their discography. If you like a diverse band that takes the death metal genre to new levels, Hath is a great addition to your playlist. Don’t forget to check back daily for your Hath fix on our facebook page. Also, follow their socials to stay tuned to what’s going on in their world.

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