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Cryptopsy- As Gomorrah Burns

Legendary band Cryptopsy is back with another release “As Gomorrah Burns” out this Friday September 8th on Nuclear Blast. It’s been a minute since the band released a full length and it is well worth the wait folks. Vocalist Matt McGahcy comments:

“As we were writing the new album, we kept asking ourselves if the music was too dark—too ominous,” says throat-master Matt McGachy. ”We were unsure that it would fit into the realm of what Cryptopsy had created over the past 20 years. As the songs came together, we saw the melding of darkness and groove-based riffs ‘vibed’ perfectly within the Cryptopsy ‘sound sphere.’ We also wanted to let our riffs breathe longer for the first time since None So Vile. We take forever to write and create these moments, so we decided to give them a tad more air and let them be repeated a few more times than we would have in the past.”

“It’s been 10 years since we released our self-titled, independently-released album,” McGachy says. “We gave being independent a huge push and invested a lot of energy into that career path. However, the dynamic has shifted a lot since the early 2010s regarding online promotion. When we dropped the self-titled album, all we had to do was make a Facebook post, and our fans would be aware of the new release. As the Facebook algorithm grew more and more financially motivated, we discovered it had become harder to communicate directly with our fans. This is why we took the leap when the opportunity arose to join the roster of metal’s most influential and important labels.”

“The songwriting was fragmented and awful,” says McGachy. “We like to destroy ourselves to get to the root of our ideas. You take that and add in some Zoom writing sessions, and you get some brutally difficult situations. This album took so long because we simply could not get into a room together. People were all over the place, and the songs would sadly sit unfinished for long periods. I am glad that Christian pushed us, though. As Gomorrah Burns is some of our best work to date.”

Cryptopsy has always pushed themselves to put out a better release every time out, as shared by Matt how challenging “As Gomorrah Burns” was to complete. It’s everything you expect from Cryptopsy and then some. The band had a great start in their younger years with “Blasphemy Made Flesh”, “None So Vile” and “Whisper Supremacy”. Those albums are part of technical death metal history, always pushing the envelope. Maintaining their sound and style, the band found a way to let their music “breathe” a little bit more. They always cram in a lot of music into every section, which is part of their charm. There’s some straight forward pocket grooves that go real hard.

Cryptopsy has nothing to prove at this point cementing their legacy in extreme metal for quite some time now. Their talents are far from faded with this upcoming release being their 8th full length album. Consistency is what Cryptoposy embodies, as every release is a good piece of death metal (everyone enjoys certain releases more or less). It is tough to say the Canadian legends have ever put out a bad album. Considering member changes along the way, it’s equally as impressive each different lineup of Cryptopsy put out quality tech death releases.

“As Gomorrah Burns” is another solid entry into the impressive Cryptopsy catalog. The impressive musicianship is mind blowing as usual and this shows some of the older bands still have it. They could have mailed it in as some bands have and turn their band into a cash cow. Cryptopsy has done the exact opposite and still an impressive legacy band 30 years later. Don’t forget about this stellar offering when it drops this Friday the 8th. Dying Fetus (the same day!), Cannibal Corpse and Wormhole also have albums dropping this month. Don’t get lost in the shuffle when it comes to new death metal albums in September this year! Long live Cryptopsy!

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