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Cannibal Corpse- Chaos Horrific

Cannibal Corpse is one of death metal’s best and most celebrated bands for a myriad of reasons. The band is returning with their SIXTEENTH studio album “Chaos Horrific” officially releasing Friday September 22nd. The band shows no signs of slowing down but in fact speeding right along. Longtime producer Eric Rutan of Hate Eternal (First producing 2006’s “Kill”) officially joined the band on guitar in 2020. With the previous release you heard his influence and guitar solos on “Violence Unimagined”. In a way “Chaos Horrific” feels like an unintentional continuation of that and I’m all for it.

The band have always been noted for technicality and complex songwriting, but that doesn’t define where the writing process takes them. “I believe that our songwriting has progressed in a manner where every song paves its own path, whether it’s a straightforward or technical song,” notes guitarist Rob Barrett. “Sometimes it’s a mix of both, so there’s no preconceived idea that we want to be more technical. The music just sort of takes its own course.”

Alex Webster concurs, “I don’t think there was any conscious effort to make things more technical, so if it wound up that way it would just be a natural result of us trying to write the heaviest songs we could.”

Cannibal Corpse had no master plan, approaching each track with an open mind. “I never go into a record thinking about anything, I just let the writing flow freely with no limitations,” says guitarist/producer Erik Rutan. “But this time, I knew I wanted to push the envelope a bit in a different direction than “Violence Unimagined”; expand the dynamics, explore new territory without departing from what Cannibal Corpse is and always shall be.”

The band has now been around for a whopping 35 years and still put out solid albums. They have nothing left to prove, but yet still scorn us with their musical talents. It has some fast riffs, it was some slow groovy riffs. “Chaos Horrific” is a nice culmination of everything that is Cannibal Corpse, musically and lyrically. Lots of death, violence and zombies in the lyrics. This album shows the older death metal bands can still keep up and show the young guys some tricks too. The guitar work is fantastic, every growl is brutal and the rhythms are insane. Paul’s drumming is absolutely timeless and is a shining example to young death metal drummers. This is another solid effort into the longstanding and impressive library of Cannibal Corpse.

Cannibal Corpse has always brought a relentless, brutal attack to the death metal genre and still bring that same energy decades later. Many bands bow out in due time or take it easy, if they even stay together for 35 years like CC. September is an insane month for death metal with releases from Dying Fetus, Wormhole (also on the 22nd), a new Suffocation song (album out in November) and this album out in a week. CC hits you with a heavy right hook on “Chaos Horrific” and plan to bring that brutality across North America on their tour with Gorguts, Blood Incantation and Mayhem. I’,m sure a lot of people know this album is dropping soon but damn I’m elated I was able to check this slab of death metal out ahead of time. Corpse still rules, don’t be shy and support this long time great band!

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