Noise Trail Immersion October 2018 Interview



I had an opportunity to talk with Noise Trail Immersion regarding their upcoming album, band habits, musical recommendations and other random topics. Their upcoming album “Symbology Of Shelter” is officially released November 2nd.  You can check out one song off that album “Mirroring” right here.  Enjoy!

Noise Trail Immersion:

Fabio – vocals
Nebil – guitar
Daniele – guitar
Lorenzo – bass
Paolo – drums

TMR: What do you think is your biggest improvement or best adjustment on your upcoming release “Symbology of Shelter” in comparison to your first two albums?
Compared to our first self-titled EP, we think that “Symbology of Shelter” is something completely different, both sonically and artistically. Compared to Womb, we’d say the basic approach is somehow similar, but with this new release we feel like the overall quality is higher, the songs flow better and the Mathcore/Black Metal influences are blended together more effectively. One of the main adjustments was centered on focusing on the writing process, trying to structure the album as a cohesive and homogeneous piece of work, rather than an ensemble of songs stylistically similar.
TMR: How was the band formed and what led to the meaning of your band name?
We’re just 5 guys who happened to hang out together in the same city, we like the same stuff music-wise and we are all very serious when it comes to having a band. This project is something very important to every member of the band and we dedicate to it almost all of our free time. The band name has no real meaning, they’re just three words we thought sounded good together and basically, that’s it!
TMR: Describe your original and unusually awesome sound.  What made you guys want to mesh black metal and crazy mathcore? Your music is incredibly intriguing and not like a lot out there right now.
Thank you very much! Well, We always felt like Mathcore and Black Metal are two worlds that are very distant from the point of view of their historic background and the general attitude that characterizes them, but we think a common thread can be found sonically in their will to create an extreme form of sound: we always thought that the dark, misanthropic and evil sound of Black Metal could match well the crazy and chaotic structures of Mathcore, so we started writing tracks that are chaotic and dissonant but at the same time heavily influenced from Black Metal especially in the vocals, in the chords and in the riffing.
TMR: What are the band’s plans for the rest of the year and going into 2019 outside of your new album? 
We’re going to promote the album as much as we can with both online PR and touring: we have already some gigs confirmed in Italy for the rest of 2018 and we’re starting to organize a 2019 European Tour together with a band we really love!
TMR: Go into detail about the lyrics and theme behind your upcoming release.
The lyrics of the album are kind of a stream of consciousness that revolves around concepts like the inner crisis experienced by everyone’s conscious self, that uses “shelters” in various forms to satisfy a compelling and nefarious need to attach meanings to life. The theme of man’s relationship with moral and religion is also very recurrent, as well as the impossibility to know an ultimate truth. In a certain way, and the artwork surely has a role in this, this new work can be seen philosophically as a prosecution of Womb, reprising the aesthetic of the feminine element but also the existential theme of questioning life in its entirety, starting by a different point of view though: the concept of shelters.
Symbology of Shelter_Artwork
TMR: Who do you want a play a show with you haven’t yet?
There are many bands we would love to play shows with of course, some of them are Plebeian Grandstand, Dodecahedron, Amia Venera Landscape, Ulcerate, Gorguts, Converge, Thantifaxath, Ion Dissonance, Artificial Brain, Cult of Luna, Neurosis, Celeste.
TMR: What are you guys listening to these days? Any up and coming bands you want to suggest?
We listen to as much different music as we can. In the metal field, we love the new wave of dissonant black metal/death metal and Blackened Hardcore of course, but we’re also following the Mathcore scene, as well as many Doom and Post-Metal bands. Apart from Metal and Hardcore, we like tons of other stuff, especially Ambient, Electronic, Neo/Dark Folk, Contemporary classical music, Math Rock, Noise Rock, and many other genres, especially the ones where more artists are into experimentation in general right now.  Some up and coming bands we suggest are Storm{o} (Mathcore/Screamo), Onryo (Mathcore/Tech-death), Convulsing (Black/Death), Soldat Hans (Doom/Post-Rock),  The Clearing Path (Black/Death), Mico (Mathcore/Sludge),  Un (Funeral Doom).
TMR: What’s your writing process like? How long did it take to put together “Symbology Of Shelter”?
Most of the times we start with some guitar ideas, a riff or maybe just some weird chord or sound that somehow we find interesting and that can “set the mood” for a track. In parallel, we start arranging the song with drums and bass on Guitar Pro software and that’s really when the song starts building more and more on itself and can take unexpected directions and changes from the original idea. This time, in particular, we worked very hard on constructing the album as one long track, eliminating clear transitions between one track and the following one and making the whole thing sound like a monolithic work.
TMR: How did the video for “Mirroring” go?
This time we didn’t want to do the usual playback video, the first thing we all agreed with was that we as a band didn’t want to appear in the video and then we started to think of something that could be visually appealing but also with an artistic sense that has a connection with the overall idea of the new album. So we had this idea of shooting footages in various churches of our hometown Turin and then doing a very frantic video editing work to match the mood of the track “Mirroring”.
TMR: What did you guys think of Frantic Fest and who was your favorite performance? You had legendary bands such as Hideous Divinity, Hirax, Enslaved, and Sadistic Intent included in that lineup.  
It surely was one of the best festivals we ever played at. The lineup was amazing, as well as the audience and all the kind people of the staff. Our favorite performance was probably the one from The Secret, they really smashed it.
TMR: Put together your dream tour, 4 bands only! Who do you got?
Plebeian Grandstand, Dodecahedron, The Secret, Ulcerate.
Noise Trail Immersion Logo

October’s Artist Of The Month is….VIRVUM!


October’s featured band is the very potent & young talented prog death metal monsters VIRVUM! These guys grabbed my attention and kicked me in the balls when I heard “Tentacles Of The Sun”.  What makes this newer band so damn great? Well, their guitarists are pretty damn good to start.  They are the type of progressive death metal band that thinks outside the box, and really sticks to melodies and a song rather than showing off with receptive sweep picking patterns on guitar and tapping bass strings constantly.  They focus on creating a soundscape and cinematic experience, rather than just putting together songs.  The songs transition well on their debut “Illuminance” and really set the mood. Their bassist Arran really, really kicks ass.  He adds many great tasty bass leads throughout their only album to date “Illuminance” which is most likely the best release from 2016.  Fear no more techers: they ARE working on a follow up album while monstrously promoting their album and band.

Virvum is from Switzerland.  Europe just has such a great knack for all sorts of metal bands, as evident by many.  I think these guys will only keep getting better, creating great music that will fill the void of some of the genre’s greats who are done (Necrophagist and Spawn of Possession, unfortunately).  They are very underrated and very talented, and my logical choice for October’s follow up in comparison to a totally different prog death band last month in Burial In The Sky.

Enjoy the music from these masterful musicians all month long of October! Buy their shit! Play their album loud! Hear them roar motherfuckers!  And let’s hope we get a new single soon from that aforementioned second album.


Bryan Berger – Vocals
Nic Gruhn – Guitars
Arran McSporran – Bass
Diego Morenzoni – Drums
Toby Koelman – Guitars


Oh, and enjoy the wild bass work on that track that drew me to Virvum…..That freaking chorus, man.

Godless release playthrough for “Empty Graves” off upcoming EP



India has cranked out some cool metal bands in the past, and some right now.  Godless is a great young band out of that country who packs on an emotional and heavy ass death metal sound.  Legendary guitarist Tom “Fountainhead” Geldschläger lended his shredding expertise on the band’s song “Empty Graves” which the band just premiered a playthrough of recently.  Godless is releasing “Swarm” on October 27th independently so if you dig the music preorder their EP and help the guys out!


Guitars: Ravi
Vocals: Kaushal
Bass: Abbas
Drums: Aniketh




Digital pre-order only: iTunes:…

Google Play:…

Swarm Tracklisting:

1. Exordium

2. Infected by the Black

3. From Beyond

4. Deathcult

5. Empty Graves (Ft. Tom ‘Fountainhead’ Geldschlager)



The Odious Construct- Shrine Of The Obscene


Melodic Tech Death Quintet The Odious Construct is releasing their second EP “Shrine Of The Obscene” October 12th through The Artisan Era.  What drew me to the band initially was their great drumming, guitar work and vocals.  It was an instant click for me with their self titled debut EP.  What is different this time around for the Californians is a wider and deeper sound, with more darkness and melody as well.  Lots of symphonic elements and synthesizer tracks enhance their wild journeys. Dare to say there are some blackened sections that remind you of European greats Wintersun at some points. I think the band really, really morphed together on this upcoming EP it’s extremely interesting.  They don’t necessarily overdo it and the band writes great songs.  They can hold a great groove, while organizing some cool sections.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say “Shrine Of The Obscene” is one of if not the best EP’S of this year as good as that recent Mordant Rapture release over the summer.  The Artisan Era is proving its value and talent signing some great bands to its diverse tech & prog filled roster, and not just signing bands to organize a label.  You can clearly see their vision and the Odious Construct is another great example of their recent success.  Their rhythms are great and rather intoxicating, to say the least.  I think their songwriting improved this time around as well with deeper subjects such as psychological problems rather than the usual death metal jargon.

You can grab preorders at the links below for this bad boy.  Don’t forget this and mark it on your calendars!  Also: you can get a look into The Odious Construct, their creative process, the upcoming EP and more with my recent interview with them right here.  I enjoyed this impressive and strong sophomore release and hope the rest of the metal world does as well!

Shrine of the Obscene:
1. Vortex of Self
2. Descension
3. They Came Through the Mirrors
4. Cyanide Eyes
5. Shrine Of the Obscene

The Odious Construct:

Casey Ryle – Vocals
Wesley Yee – Guitar
Ben Jackson – Guitar
Sam Datu – Bass
KC Brand – Drums (The Ritual Aura)

Noise Trail Immersion release “Mirroring” off upcoming album.

NTI 3.jpg

Mathcore group Noise Trail Immersion has released a single “Mirroring” from their upcoming release “Symbology Of Shelter”.  The chaotic musicians have created a wild, whacky and intense sound that leaves you wanting more.  The album is planned to drop on November 2nd through Moment Collapse Records.  “Mirroring” should be more than convincing enough to give these lads a chance.  The technicality, groove, extra dissonance and odd rhythms leaves you craving for much more.  Still sad about the mighty Dillinger Escape Plan hanging it up? Don’t worry people, that void is ready to be filled! Enjoy the song and freak the fuck out!



Symbology of Shelter_Artwork.jpg



Chaos Over Cosmos- The Unknown Voyage



Progressive Power Metal outfit Chaos Over Cosmos recently released their debut album “The Unknown Voyage” September 7th.  The Polish and Spanish duo has installed classic prog metal influences in their sound and mixed that with lots of dual guitar leads and synthesizer tracks.  It’s an impressive debut that could make any classic prog metal fan happy.  Check out the album on their band camp website right below.

Chaos Over Cosmos:

Javier Calderon – Vocals
Rafal Bowman – Guitars, Synth, Programming

While its not over the top technical, the impressive track layering keeps you zoned in on their epics.  Rafal and Javier worked together to create well layered tracks and great keyboard melodies that compliment his voice.

The Unknown Voyage:

  1. A Hidden Path (2:52)
  2. Armour Of The Stars (Xenogears) (14:49)
  3. They Will Fall (11:59)
  4. The Compass (10:50)
  5. The Sky Remembered My Name (Instrumental) (7:12)

Clocking in slightly under 50 minutes, “The Unknown Voyage” is a diamond in the rough for progressive metal that has recently been taken over with lots of gutturals.  Javier’s voice is a nice change up from a genre that has been fairly extreme, in recent years.  I expect good things out of the guys and am glad I stumbled across this album. Rafal’s musicianship is very elaborate and their debut album really showcases his ear for the band’s melodies. I love how he went all out on some parts, and then scaled it back when he had a great melody on his guitar leads.  Rafal is a well versed guitarist who kept my interest throughout the band’s debut album.

If you’re a classic progger or an old man who just hates gutturals, blast beats and extended rage guitars this band is for you! If you’re not into the whacky and extra heavy part of progressive metal, but a band with a classic sound that reminds you of Symphony X and Wintersun you’ll dig Chaos Over Cosmos.

Monstrath- Demon Sold Video Premiere


Brazilian Death Metal band Monstrath is premiering their video for “Demon Sold” off of their upcoming debut album “The World Serves To Evil”. The technicality and heaviness of Monstrath really shines through on this song! Have fun and bang your fucking head!  Don’t worry TMR has ya covered folks!……

Video produced by: Ricardo Palomares

Álbum produced by: Tchelo Martins

Recorded at Loud Factory and also at the Audiolab Vintage Studio

Mixed and mastered by Tchelo Martins, Tiago “Pardal” Assolini and Wagner Meirinho @ Loud Factory Studio………


Micawber September 2018 Interview


Death metal band Micawber is on a September headliner tour with support from Ahtme and Lago.  All bands are promoting new releases and I highly suggest you check out these extreme metal gems! Their bassist Marv answered the questions. The guys are stopping in Tonawanda this coming Monday the 24th, don’t stay home with a case of the Monday blues and check out some great tech/groove death metal bands ya duds!



TMR: How has Beyond The Reach Of Flame been taken by the metal community?

Seems like everyone really likes it which is great. Its pretty different from our last releases due to the addition of our new guitarist Derek Debruin, but we all dug the what we were coming up with which is always most important to us. We write what we like and if other people happen to dig it too thats awesome, which they have.
TMR: Can you go into detail about the history of Micawber a bit and how it formed? I only found out about you guys a few months ago, and been a pretty big fan ever since.

Well Leighton and Tyler have been in the band since about 2007, with various style and lineup changes since. I joined about 8 years ago cuz the guys were going on tour a bunch, which is what I always wanted to do. Since then we’ve lost and gained a few members. Derek being the last guy joining about 3 years ago. We’ve been doing really well with this lineup and think we’ve finally got it solidified.
TMR: What is the main theme behind your latest release?

You know the typical metal shit, politics, religion, partying, etc. Haha
TMR: What are your favorite lyrics from Beyond The Reach Of Flame?

Mine personally are Full Denim Jacket which is a play on the title of the film Full Metal Jacket. But basically it’s about partying and rippin it up on the road.
TMR: Favorite show you guys have played?

When we played The Whiskey in L.A. opening up on the Sepultura tour, that was pretty surreal.
TMR: Who is your favorite band right now?

I really dig the new Black Fast album. We’d love to hit the road with those guys soon!
TMR: Who influenced you to become musicians?


TMR: Recall some of your favorite moments in Micwaber.

All of them haha

TMR: What were/are some of your band’s biggest or most pivotal moment(s)?

Probably getting signed by Prosthetic Records and opening up for Sepultura.
TMR: It’s your last day on this earth. What is your Last Supper consisting of?

The original $5 box at Taco Bell.
TMR: What are your favorite metal genres?

Any of them that are loud, fast, and your parents (usually) don’t like.
TMR: Rattle off bands you guys think are up and coming in the metal scene.
Our buddies in the Wisconsin band Toxic Ruin are rippin it up. Our buddies in Gorgatron are doing cool shit too, they’re some road dogs for sure. Also, our fill-in guitarist, Billy Zahn’s band Frosthelm is about to drop a new album, so be on the look for that and check all those bands out!
TMR: Marry Fuck Kill, choose one option for each! Peter Griffin (from Family Guy), Homer Simpson, and Wonder Woman? And…Go! Have some fun with this one!
TMR:What are you guys interested in outside of the band?

Drinking, gambling, and partying in general.




Prophetic Scourge- Calvary


Progressive Death Metal Frenchmen Prophethic Scourge are releasing a heavy, heavy album on September 28th through Season of Mist and Klonosphere.  It’s full of groove, emotion, and plenty of brutality.  The band released its debut EP “Corrupt Karmik Invigilators” and Calvary definitely brings this young band to a new level.  In their short existence they have already opened for notable extreme metal acts such as Six Feet under and Benighted!  The band experimented a bit more (and I thoroughly enjoy it!) in comparison to their straightforward and heavy EP by adding more progressive, thrash and black metal elements to their songs.



I absolutely love the voice of Josh Smith and their drummer John Erviti.  It’s great to have vocalists in death metal you can actually understand! I know, it’s rare but it DOES happen.  John’s drumming is also a great highlight for me as in my world he’s almost like a human drum machine.  The guitar work is very groovy, occasionally technical and very driving.  I can’t say how much I really enjoyed “Calvary”, gonna have to say this beast is gonna be an under-looked record of this year. Enjoy a larger prog metal influenced track “A Medium- The Spider Goddess Revealed” below!



Ahtme September 2018 Interview



Ahtme is currently on the September Scum Tour with Micawber and Lago and had a chance to interview the guys in the beginning of their run.  The band is celebrating the release of one of this year’s best albums in “Sewerborn” on their current tour.  Their vocalist Brent and guitarist Dalton answered the questions in rotating order. Check it!

And in less than a week, this tour IS hitting up Tonanwanda at Stamps….Western New Yorkers don’t be stupid and hit up this killer tech/groove death metal show.  The amount of talent on this bill is mind-blowing!





TMR: How has the reception of Sewerborn been? It’s been months since it’s inception. It’s more refined and mature than your debut which still crushes, you guys took it to another level with Sewerborn. Definitely a top five release of the year no doubt.

So farewerborn has been received well! Technically it’s a sophomore release but so much time has passed between it and the initial release of “The Demonization” that we personally kinda think of it as a debut. we definitely grew a lot in the years between the two records and at this point it feels like two totally different projects. Obviously our sound as a band stayed with us but we kinda “grew out” (for lack of a better term) of some things which pointed us in a somewhat different direction. We’re happy with how it came together and our fans response has been positive from what we can see. 

TMR: What influenced the name change from The Roman Holiday?

We knew we wanted to change the name after our hiatus, so we started brainstorming a bunch of stuff. Nothing was really sticking… We had a song we had written as The Roman holiday (Lord of Shit) which was originally called “Ahtme, Lord of shit”. We dug the idea behind the song a lot and decided to steal the Deity from it and use it as our Moniker.

TMR: Can you guys explain the artwork for Sewerborn? It’s so ugly and hideous I love it! What is it’s meaning and representation?

The concept for the album is kind of just a general statement on how people are for the most part disgusting. The lyrics for the title track “Subhuman Remains” kinda speak to that idea specifically but most of our songs have lyrics in a similar vein. The face on the cover is actually made up from pieces of all of our faces. We sent the artist pictures of us and he basically made a collage from pieces of each of our faces and then made it look like it spent its life in a Sewer. It sounds like is all serious subject matter but it’s really just an idea that’s fun to explore and write about, none of us really feel like we have a  “statement” to make, we just enjoy gross and absurd stuff. 

TMR: How did Ahtme come together? And what does your band name mean? 

After The Roman holiday went on hiatus we all still kicked it all the time, its always been a tight knit group. Nothing really changed from TRH to Ahtme, besides the name. Ahtme is the Lord of Shit. He is the God you pray to after a long night of drinking, doubled over on the toilet cursing christ, begging for the hershey squirts to stop.

TMR: Who’s everyone’s favorite up & coming band? Namedrop all your faves!

We’re all super excited for Warforged to put our the record they’ve been working on. There are a ton of bands from here in KC that we are stoked on too Destructionist, Sedlec Ossuary, Marasmus and Gravelord are some of our close buddies that are super sick.

TMR: What are your favorite releases of the year so far?

Too many to name… but off the top Slugdge, Gravelord, Alkaloid, Obscura, Soreption, Hideous Divinity, Morbid Angel.

TMR: What influenced you guys to get into extreme metal?

We all came up in the early 2000’s listening to a lot of deathcore back when that was popular and that got us playing “heavy” stuff But as you learn your  instrument and become more focused on being a musician I think you just naturally gravitate towards more technical and challenging stuff which is how we got into death metal. 

TMR: How did you guys become musicians?

Most of us started playing around the 8th grade. We (Dalton, Brent) used to flip through Musician’s Friend magazines during class and day dream about all the stuff we wanted to buy. Eventually we saved enough money to buy some beginner stuff and started a shit punk rock band… the rest is history.

TMR: Can you go into further detail for the Subhuman Remains video? It’s such a wildly entertaining video. Who came up with the idea?

Haha well The chorus of the title track is “Sewer-born” and we just decided to roll with that and give birth to a baby in a sewer haha. That’s about as far as the idea went, we just got ridiculous props together and spent the day in a snow storm shooting that video covered in fake blood in freezing sewer water. It was actually on Easter Sunday when we shot it and I (Dalton) got so insanely sick after that day I had a fever for like a week almost. As long as it’s up to us all of our videos will be stupid and wild like that. I for one would always rather look like an idiot than try to look cool.

TMR: What do you guys plan on doing after your upcoming tour with Micawber and Lago?

Comin’ home and sleeping in our own beds lol. As far as Ahtme is concerned we plan to start chipping away at the new record. We’re sitting on a fat stack of new shit right now. We’re super stoked to get the ball rolling on that! 


TMR: Opinions on your tour mates recent releases?

Yeah, Both Lago and Micawber put out badass albums this year! We were pumped when we got to book this tour with them, it’s gonna be sick to play with them every night and watch them rip. It seems like they’ve both been well received too, we hope maybe we can all make a few new fans off each other playing together every night.

TMR: Any advice for new bands?

PRACTICE! Have fun, and don’t take yourself too seriously!

TMR: What bands would you love to play with?

That would be a loooong list haha but off hand I’d say: Vader, The Zenith Passage, Decapitated, Martyr (R.I.P.) Narcotic Wasteland, Nile. I could go on forever, basically every band that I’d like to see live. 

TMR: What interests does everyone have outside of music?

BBQ (KC DOES IT BEST!), video games, camping, floating, being out on the lake, dog party’s… pretty much anything that involves us getting together with our friends and having a good time… booze are cool too.

TMR: You can only take one piece of gear with you after your place burns down! What do you save? A certain amp, mic or guitar of sorts?

For me (Dalton) definitely my guitar. Amps and pedals and stuff are a dime a dozen but I think your instrument you really wanna be super familiar with all the time. I play a Ran crusher 7 string and an Ibanez RG but the Ran is definitely my baby. 

TMR: What new releases are you looking forward to?

To name a handful… Warforged, Gorod, Psycroptic, Devin Townsend, Revocation.

TMR: How does Ahtme write? At practice or on your own?

I write the riffs on my own, usually with simple programmed drums to help convey the original idea to the other members. I try to make a general outline of a song alone. We sit down as a band and hash everything out after that and that’s when the songs really come together. Sometimes I’ll write an entire song and we all just learn it as it is, but it’s usually got at least a little piece of everyone in it somewhere. 

TMR: What is your favorite show you have ever played?

That’s a tough one… don’t know if we can narrow it down to a favorite one, but the last Devastation on the Nation line up was super sick; Psycroptic, Ingested, Disentomb, Arkaik, Venom Prison, Vale of Pnath, Torn The Fuck Apart, and us. Every band killed shit that night! We played a show with Gorguts and Exist, that one was  sick too!

TMR: Give me your craziest and oddest tour stories.

We don’t get to hit the road much seeing as we all have full time jobs and lives and all that boring stuff but when we were really young back when we were the Roman holiday we definitely made some bad decisions hahaha. Some girl let us party at her parents house all night while they were gone out of town and our buddy rode a wheel chair off the roof into an above ground pool and totally fuckin smashed the pools pump and broke the side of it and we went ahead and took off lol. If that chick happens to see this… we’re sorry!