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Fuming Mouth- Last Day Of Sun

Massachusetts own Fuming Mouth is releasing it’s second full length album tomorrow November 3rd and couldn’t be any more excited. I love the debut album “The Grand Descent” and hope this follows in its footsteps or is even better. I was reminded of how good they were when they supported The Black Dahlia Murder earlier this year. They have the buzzsaw Entombed style guitar tone many death metal heads crave. What also peaked my interest initially in Fuming Mouth is the crust/punk influence that pops up every now and then. “The Grand Descent” had some shorter songs and some punk-like progressions sometimes. Very diverse, energetic and entertaining debut. Now onto a look at the concept of “Last Day Of Sun”.

 “Last Day Of Sun” roars to life with the opening track, “Out of Time”, setting the stage for a city on the brink of impending darkness. The sun is destined to extinguish in a mere 24 hours, leaving panic, and mayhem sweeping through the streets. The people grapple with their inevitable deaths, faced with a crucial choice – will they find a way to overcome the end, or will their own insanity lead them to a vast demise? Each song takes place during a different hour of the day, unveiling a unique facet of the city’s challenges as the sun’s last rays grow dimmer.

In “The Silence Beyond Life” the desperate escape from impending doom is portrayed. As the world collapses around them, they strive to avoid defeat, the end, and the silence that follows. The haunting track, “The Sign of Pain”, describes the desperation to be saved by a higher power as the end comes into focus. Fear driven people claw, bite, and drag each other to get inside the sanctuary of a church one last time, resulting in its ultimate collapse. The song shakes loudly with guttural vocals and guitars that echo through chambers of torment, amplifying the sense of dread and destruction.

“I’ll Find You” delivers a powerful and heavy love song, capturing the essence of knowing you have just one day left to live. The protagonist embarks on a relentless journey, surmounting all obstacles to find the one they love and spend those precious final moments together. Whelan openly acknowledges that “my fight with cancer reverberates thematically throughout the entire album, but the track ‘Kill The Disease’ directly addresses my illness and the battles I faced.” It serves as a pivotal moment in the album, emphasizing the duality between songs like “Leaving Euphoria”, which speaks of surrendering to fate, and “Kill The Disease”, which urges listeners to fight back against the darkness.

Vocalist/Guitarist/Founder Mark Whelan was dealt a seriously bad hand being diagnosed with cancer. This shows how resilient Whelan and his band mates are, putting out a solid album in the midst of a personally trying time. The guitar work is stellar and a bit more refined this time. The songs are longer generally hitting 4 minutes plus most of the time while we got offerings half that time on the debut. The drumming is impressive nailing down a lot of groovy parts but some quick sections too.

I love low ends and Mark has some in his voice, but isn’t afraid to utilize his whole voice. I don’t like too many higher growls/shrieks but Whelan’s perfectly fits his band’s music. There is even some singing on here diversifying “Last Day Of Sun” even more. It’s a nice mix of sounds the band strives for. It’s a solid effort that sounds pissed off. I like dystopian vibes and I think they did a decent job at this.

I’m big on the debut and the 3 song effort from 2020 “Beyond The Tomb”. I’ve heard this a few times already and it is a solid album. It grows on me more and more each time through. “Last Day Of Sun” isn’t to be fucked with and is to be appreciated. This album comes out on Nuclear Blast Records as well. Don’t let this one slip through your hands!

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