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Astrolabe- Death: An Ode To Life

Prog rock up and comers Astrolabe released their mind bending album earlier this month on the 1st that takes quite a while to soak in. Their previous effort “The Hermit, The Fool And The Hanged Man” was a fantastic 3 track EP featuring the legendary Marco Minneman (jack of all trades) on drums. They re enlisted the same great stick man to help with the drums for this full length. The band got even quirkier with more Zappa influenced moments, even more melodies and some real wild mind melting guitar duals.

Astrolabe takes you on a thought provoking, mind bending journey through their ever expanding and unusual progressive world with “Death: An Ode To Life”. There’s even some screams on here, don’t worry old guys just a few. The longer this band goes on, you see how they’re evolving and aren’t afraid to try new things. Astrolabe never strayed away from their roots but keep finding creative, artistic ways to keep fellow artists and fans on their musical toes with new ideas with this full length.

Victor and company have a ton of cards up their sleeve on this album. With some deeper lyrics, denser music and new ideas you can tell the band really put a love of labor into this new release. Astrolabe is one of the unsung heroes of the progressive genre and you should change that right now. You like some shred? There’s more than enough of that on here. Melody? Odd time signatures? Anything you can imagine, it’s in there somewhere.

It’s safe to say the band expanded to some real impressive realms with “Death: An Ode To Life”. They are one of many unsung heroes and keep releasing impressive, thought provoking music that needs to be shared with more people. You can check out this release and many other on any streaming platform and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Astrolabe has cooked a meal that has something for everyone at the musical roundtable.

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