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Carnal Abhorrence- The Crowned Apocalypse

Carnal Abhorrence is releasing their smashing sophomore release “The Crowned Apocalypse” on November 27th. Realityfade is one of my favorite record labels right now bringing some of the heaviest slamming death metal bands right now and are absolutely filthy. But here, the label is promoting another stellar release in 2020 with a more technical edge without letting off the brutal gas pedal. Carnal Abhorrence drew me in with their debut “Gormandizing Rupture” which was also a Realityfade release from 2019.

The guitar riffs are punishing as ever and there’s plenty I can’t fathom as a player myself holding a candlelight towards. In an age of the 2020 metal scene where there’s heavy/niche draws towards the slamming brutal death metal or technical death metal side, a band like Carnal Abhorrence does it phenomenally without leaning one way too much. I’m not saying they’re Necrophagist v2.0 but I’ll be damned if the slam bois and weedly woo gang can’t appreciate anything this awesome band brings to your earholes. There are some quick pummeling grindcore moments on the album as well.

Here is an example of the insanity to expect off this awesome album.

The drumming is fast and furious as ever can fucking be with an equally ferocious vocal set. This two man project sounds like its a 10 man adventure but does it matter how many people go into making music? In an age of cliche or catchy music, they defy all of that with their own unique sound with a nice production behind “The Crowned Apolcalypse” as well. The vocals and drums are up front but not too dominating to hear the mind bending guitar work sitting pretty in the mix. A band like Carnal Abhorrence needs a clean, modern production otherwise I think it would hinder their sound with a raw and less produced master product to be honest. Some great bands like the mighty Devourment have thrived on a brutal, sloppy production that is just part of their enigmatic sound thats culminated over the years of their existence.

My favorite record label (not named the Artisan Era) is putting out another pummeling and technical (not always the label’s specialty) album by the boys of Carnal Abhorrence. With a ton of great 2020 stand outs like Visions of Disfigurement, Human Barbecue, Alter Idem, Cranial Contamination, Morphogenic Malformation, A Pretext To Human Suffering (“Rotting Sanctum” also drops November 27th!) (and probably a ton of other great RF releases I may have accidentally forgotten) Carnal Abhorrence definitely sits pretty with their label mates. “The Crowned Apocalypse” is something different RF is putting out and I’m sure it will go real well in the metal community.

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