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Raider Official Guitar Playthrough Premiere Of “No Sign Of The Dawn”

Canadian death/thrash metal group Raider are premiering their guitar playthrough for “No Sign Of The Dawn” today with us! Check out what the band has to say about the song:

“Our world stands on the edge of a knife. The virus is but another horseman in the ever-growing mountain of omens. We often get distracted and seem to forget that we are still on our way to one of many total deliverances. We have to unite, think, and speak for ourselves or we will be spoken for. If we do not choose the path that leads us to a better future, we will be forced down a path to ruin, of which there are many, and each of their songs remains the same: For the mortal world there is no sign of the dawn.”

“Thanks to everyone who has been cranking the No Sign of the Dawn music video and supporting us in general! We wanted to do something nice in order to show our gratitude so here’s a guitar playthrough for the song with Tabs! If you wanna see more playthroughs for more songs make sure to comment, like, and subscribe!”

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