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Geoff Barone- The Grim

One of Western New York’s most experimental and diverse artists Geoff Barone is taking yet another twist into his impressive library of music October 23rd releasing “The Grim”. What drew me in a few years ago with his release two years ago “Acquiscence” is exactly that. His cinematic take on prog with pop twists and a ton of other sounds really drew me in, on top of being a well rounded artist. What else can he do, you ask? He can also write METAL. Not to get the brutal death metal side of my following excited, there’s no caveman gurgles on the album BUT there are blast beats believe it or not!

Theres heavy riffing, somber songwriting and yes even some Devin Townsend esque batshit crazy riffs which is strongly present in “Under Partly Cloudy Skies”. When I was approached to help promote the release, I was already excited based on previous efforts. When I started listening and heard the first blast beat I was more than sold. Again, I’m not saying he’s gone brutal death metal or old school death metal on you all but it’s a damn impressive album in the end.

To get a simple taste of what I’m trying to say check out the sampler below before the release this Friday.

Just like any other Barone offering I got used to I love the twists and turns he loves to popularly take. Yes there’s some mellow twists I will warn you elitists, but that shouldn’t shy you away from a well composed album. Our friend Joshua Decker did the logo for his album (he did our revamp website logo) which is pretty sweet to see a great designer work for some people near me! It’s a very unique album and quite an experience it will take you on as the album goes on.

He released an album earlier this year titled “The Darkest Of Summers” which I love and sadly never got around to doing an article as work took over this year for me. Now that I have some time today I’m cramming some great words for his previous release quickly.

If you’re into sad and depressing music as the title suggests this album is for you. If you love the moody, odd and expressive side of prog (Steven Wilson lite) you also may love this release. Geoff went on to describe the time working on “The Darkest Of Summers” awfully dark (no way!). He was struggling at the time and wasn’t enjoying life. This album shows strong perseverance and I am a huge believer the worst of times brings an artist’s best work.

There is a lot of ambience, space and creativity that went into this album as well. If you’re not into metal that much, Barone’s earlier release this year will definitely tickle your fancy. I keep revisiting this album as it is appropriately titled for the shitshow 2020 has been. If you’re looking for happy music, promptly avoid both of these albums. Unlike the crap 2020 has flung our way, at least we got two great releases from Barone.

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