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Fields Of Elysium Is October’s Artist Of The Month!

Fields Of Elysium is our website’s Artist Of The Month for October! 2020 has sucked but we hope we have given people some great new bands to check out during these awfully unusual times. FOE is no expection and we greatly back this band’s mission of writing some real unique tech/prog death metal. We caught them with Inanimate Existence a few summers ago and have been hooked. The guys are very nice and insanely talented to boot. They focus on wild melodies, complex structures, wild guitar duals and the most insane musical sections you will just ever hear.

Fields of Elysium is definitely one of the dark horses in the scene now and offer some of the coolest and most unique music you will ever hear. Andre’s voice has gotten better with every release and his bass playing is basically perfect. They deserve a lot more respect and deserve the recognition in the scene and hopefully that can happen sooner than later. Their latest release 2019’s “In Ancient Contemplation” can be seen in the featured image with interesting artwork of an alligator shaped mountain. Check back in on our facebook page every evening to check out a song from your new favorite unsung heroes Fields Of Elysium!

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