Brutal Death Metal

Dissonant Seepage releases debut single “Behind Bars Or Beneath Worms”

Buffalo isn’t known for death metal these days, so we flock to the Rochester for our death metal needs.  Another great new band Dissonant Seepage contains Contrain vocalist Cody McConnell (who also plays bass in this band), and two former Sastruga members Dan Fili (guitar) and Alex Perez (drums).  This 3 piece slams hard and doesn’t mess round.  DS is one of a plethora of death metal bands coming in hot from our sister city one hour away from good ‘ol Buffalo.  Check out the nasty, slamming song below which just dropped on SLAM WORLDWIDE today.  Pretty impressive for a local band, aye?  Here’s to hoping they’ll make some serious noise outside of Western New York.  Cheers dudes!



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