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Exocrine Is April 2020’S Artist Of The Month!

Today is April Fool’s Day and you are a fool yourself if you aren’t familiar with this newer group Exocrine.  This technical death metal giant is releasing their fourth album in June titled “Maelstrom” and are one of the genre’s best kept secrets without a doubt.  Yes, a decent amount of bands in the genre seem to partake in a wankfest at times while a ton others like the aforementioned write actual great music.  The guitar riffs are blazing and complicated yet get wildly groovy proven with last year’s hidden gem “Molten Giant”.  The guitar solos aren’t always speed driven, there’s a ton of melody and soul believe me. That was my introduction to the guys and immediately checked out the sophomore release “Ascension” and have been a fairly consistent play in my heavy rotation of music.


Exocrine is a younger band (as already stated only their fourth release out this summer, artwork above) and has made a lot of leaps and bounds.  They were initially on their own and with 2018’s “Molten Giant” saw them get signed to Unique Leader Records.  It isn’t easy doing it all on your own and that’s another reason to fall in love with Exocrine. The guys are preparing to unleash another musical masterpiece on our hands that will unfortunately go unnoticed.  Lots of music gets released daily, weekly, and also from fairly relevant bands.  Lets help the guys get the respect they’ve long earned by telling your metalhead friends about Exocrine! The french tech death lads deserve some serious media exposure and we couldn’t be more honored at TMR to post a song every day on our facebook page.  And to remind you this sure as hell is no joke and you should not treat them as such.  Exocrine kicks ass and let’s spread awareness of their awesome songwriting this month.


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