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Necrotted- Die For Something Worthwhile

Necrotted released their EP “Die For Something Worthwhile” on October 11th on Rising Nemesis Records.  Do you want something brutal, slightly modernized and not full of crap? Necrotted should be on your radar, as they have been on mine.  These guys have accumulated some awesome death metal, and I’m officially on board after going through this 4 pack of brutality a few times.  Did I mention the fact they have two vocalists? Put your biases and opinions aside on bands with two vocalists….they both are smashing on this piece of music.  Fabian and Pavios are two totally different men with different gutturals, and totally compliment each other.



Fabian Fink – Vocals
Pavlos Chatzistavridis – Vocals
Philipp Fink – Guitar
Johannes Wolf – Guitar
Koray Saglam – Bass
Markus Braun – Drums

The guitar work is really brutal.  There’s some smashing, groovy riffs and that’s where the band stays.  Braun’s drumming is really something to check out, including the pretty good double bass that is used quite a lot on this EP.  The bass is pretty awesome as well.  “Die For Something Worthwhile” is a great surprise finding for myself and find myself listening to it more and more.  You don’t need a rocket scientist to explain the theme to you…..and I enjoy the fact Necrotted has something awesome to write about.  It’s not your stereotypical “let’s come up with the most disgusting song titles and artwork we can imagine” death metal, it has an actual purpose and theme.  As a fellow musician, I can appreciate something like that.

Between the heavy doses of brutality, there’s some melodies here and there…..then it’s back to business.  If you’re stuck in a rut for something new to check out, this EP is definitely worthy of listening to if you need some fresh death metal.  Great job guys!

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