Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 10-17-19

Here is some more music for everyone to check out! Have you been enjoying our weekly editions? It’s okay to say you hate it.  This week is all brutal….you don’t mind, do you?  If you don’t, you can discover a ton of music at the link right here.


Do you like true bangers? Do you like your death metal…..sludgy, dirty, brutal, and straight to the point? If you answered yes to most or all of those attributes….you will LOVE Kill Everything.  Texas has some pretty stellar death metal bands, let alone metal in general….there’s a reason “Don’t Mess With Texas” is a real saying, and it’s especially true for this awesome band.  Check out their 2018 smasher “Scorched Earth” below for some dirty death metal today, will ya?


Necrotted released a superb EP recently “Die For Something Worthwhile”.  They’ve been in the game for a little while now with a few albums and EP’s under their belt so far.  Necrotted has a slightly modernized twist on death metal without any goofy gimmicks.  The blistering guitar riffs and machine gun like blasts keep the party going the moment the first note is played.  Give them a listen below if this tickles your taint.



Buffalo is full of lots of “meh”, but one of our prized treasures is Seplophile.  They have been around for countless years, and left our scene years ago……only to randomly come back from the dead!  Now that our boys are back playing shows we hope they’re here to stay(including our Halloween Rager this Saturday! ) !  The boys bring you death metal the way it should be done…, groovy, disgusting and in your face.  They put on an even greater live show, it’s a shame there aren’t enough recordings.  Check out “Retribution” below.  You can check out the rest of this older EP, and there’s a chance of new music as I heard a new track at a show a few months back.  Enjoy metalheads!

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