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Exhumed- Horror

One of my favorites death/grind legends Exhumed absolutely brutalized us with their latest release “Horror”.  It’s no shock I’m a Harvey fan, and Gruesome is a pretty sweet project for Death lovers like myself.  The man also has a sweet side project Expulsion I dig a lot, super energetic and really fun.  The last LP “Death Revenge” honestly didn’t move me that much….it had a few decent songs and didn’t have a lot of replay value with me as much as it pains me to say that (considering how great Exhumed is).  “Horror” however, grabbed me by the balls and thew me across the room.  Not literally, but I hear more passion and effort this time around.  It’s a very natural record, especially in the flow from one song to another absolutely ripping your head off.


The train has never stopped rolling in between all of Matt’s projects.  The nod to the 1980’s style is pretty entertaining including their infamous mascot which we have all grown to love.  After all these years (20+ to be exact!), Harvey’s voice sounds raw as can be…..and having Sewage back in the band gives them their classic tradeoff of two totally different stories.  Matt’s wide range of gutturals keeps their sound where it needs to be and well Sewage is growling as low as he usually does.

The riffs are very nasty and Exhumed includes some gruesome (HAR HAR) guitar leads that will surely horrify you.  If you’re at a goofy ass Halloween party with some normies and they have some stupid ass “Monster Mash” going….turn the shit off and throw on “Horror” which will surely change the mood of that party!  Because who wants to hear “Monster Mash” for the million time…..right?  The band goes back to their grind roots, with 18 tracks just getting over the 33 minute mark (including the bonus tracks).  This classic showcases who they are….a no frills death/grind band who’s quick to the point, heavy and doesn’t fuck around.

A band as great as Exhumed has absolutely nothing left to prove… this point they’re just having fun and riding their legacy into the sunset.  They have put out so many great releases they don’t have to impress anyone and can sit back and enjoy the brutality.  “Horror” is a cool album that goes down as another stellar release in their library of many massive releases.

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