Blackened Death Metal

Ropretion Official Premiere Of “Paradoks Literatur Provokatif”

Eastbreath Records have done it again.  My friends signed this band Ropretion over the winter and have been waiting for a while until the guys finished recording.  They have a blackened death metal sound, which is a bit of a changeup.  Eastbreath generally focuses on technical death metal and brutal death metal.  So the label switched it up and gave these guys a chance, and we hear why.  This track provides a nice growl (having a nice consistency to it), some melodic guitar licks and some good changes in speed as well. The track is well constructed, especially that cool guitar dual halfway through the song before the guitar solo.  You can blame bands like Iron Maiden for getting me into guitar duals and harmonies, tasteful as all heck.  Check out the band’s new track below as provided by my Indonesian brethren.  Enjoy the track and stay tuned for the release date of this album!

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