Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 6-20-19

It’s time for your favorite article of the week! Or not…..either way, we have some new tunes for you nut jobs to check out.  We have produced a good number of these so far since we started this weekly column months ago, so we highly suggest you check out the past editions before diving into today’s selected groups.  Don’t go punching any more dry wall today, okay Kyle?


I’ve already talked about this brutal band yesterday with my writeup on their debut album.  I guess I’ll be repeating myself but they’re heavy as heavy can be.  Awesome vocals, rhythms and brutality galore on their full length.  They’re not for the faint of heart, as they don’t mess around by any means.  If you love brutal you’ll love this new project, check out “Rejected By Death, An Imperishable Torment” below!


I’ve been keeping our followers up to date on this gnarly tech death project and their debut EP “Primal Impulse” is now out.  It’s a tasty, fast and pretty groovy tech band that’ll satisfy fans of all different worlds in the tech world.  The blistering riffs and drums keep you hooked with some nasty vocals that add to the insanity.  This band’s songwriting has kept my interest with “Primal Impulse” and there’s no stopping now.  I’m super excited  for their future and what follow ups await.  Oh, and they opened for BEYOND CREATION a few months ago.  If that doesn’t motivate you then I don’t know what will.  Check out that banging EP below.


I have also been keeping TMR followers up to date with this nasty guitarist as well.  He’s the guitarist in instrumental band Constructs and now is taking on his own world of instrumental music.  This however is a bit less metal at times and more ambient/atmospheric and definitely catchier.  His own solo sound differs to his mainstay and he has already played a show in support of his upcoming debut EP “Black Hole” (it’s officially out June 28th).  You can check out a few of the songs he’s premiered below at your own leisure! Enjoy metalheads!



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  1. I admit that Trayen Burke’s piece didn’t sound very ambient/atmospheric — but maybe it’s because I equate that term to more woo-woo space music ;

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