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WEK- Mystery

WEK is an instrumental progressive metal project by Kevin Oper.  WEK is a totally different beast than other instrumental bands who just shred, and his music is more varied.  It’s much more atmospheric and melodic, adding a lot more layers to the songs than most instrumental bands.  The speeds aren’t consistent either, making the music a lot more engaging and not very predictable.  There’s definitely some quick riffs, and just as many slower groovy riffs that just drive home the beautiful melodies Oper has constructed.

“Mystery” was released on the 22nd of February and a couple times through this album and I’m still digging it.  It’s the sort of album that you enjoy the first time around, then the next few listens you start to understand it more and also appreciate the atmosphere and moods Oper created.  WEK is truly a melodic and emotional experience that not many instrumental bands can offer, and that has surely happened here.



The rhythms are pretty solid and engaging on “Mystery”.  It’s a fresh take on instrumental music with the extra melodies and synth that widen the sound, rather than a smaller generalized sound.  If you catch my drift, you can buy the album on his bandcamp website right here.  Happy shredding, melodic prog instrumental lovers!

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