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Onkt- Equilibrium

You in the mood for some progressive djenty mathcore? If you said yes, ONKT wants you! They’re a groovy band that just locks in in the groove.  Their heavy sound is wildly entertaining.  They’re a band that isn’t over the top technical, but very groovy and rhythm based like their predecessors Meshuggah.  They pack a serious punch starting with their groovy extended range guitars, energetic vocalist and tight tight rhythm section. They can play in multiple time signatures and speeds.


Jan Floris guitar
Raimon Schaap guitar
Isak Majer vocals
Rob Oudhuis bass
Michiel Eeltink drums
ONKT is an energetic band that never lets up, one ripping song after another.  You can check out the rest of their music here if any of this is intriguing you.  “Equilibrium” is their latest album from last August, but you can check out their other releases on bandcamp.  It’s a very rhythmic based album, with lots of aggression….so if you’re expecting wild technicality you may not love them from the get go.  But if you can respect a band’s talent and understanding of rhythm, you can totally get into ONKT.  Give ’em a shot!

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