Album Review

Krylithsic- Beast Of Northern Hemisphere

WOW! Krylithsic really bring the pain, and a couple hints of tech to the dinner table too.  These dudes are freaking nuts.  Thanks to the guys for reaching out to me, I’m utterly impressed. So many extreme bands have the same style logo, but uh what? That thing is nutty! The band released this album a few years ago and was featured on Slam Worldwide! Erik’s guitar playing, is well just dang impressive.  For a death metal band he’s more than qualified…..but really brings some sweet and savory licks every so often, like that sweet tapping in “Strive For Thy Throne”.  This brutal chainsaw death metal band will just absolutely run you over from the get go.


Phil – Vocals
Erik – Guitar
Sascha – Bass
Simon – Drums


Simon is one heck of a drummer, may I add. His machine gun blast beats and fills are more than worthy of mentioning to say the least.  The energy he provides is the fuel for this awesome band. He locks in pretty well with Sascha, as well. Phil is a consistent vocalist, which really catapults them over the top for me at least.  Check out this latest offering from the dudes, and pay attention to their wildly brutal and occasionally technical sound.  So, so good. Stay gangster!

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