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ByoNoiseGenerator- Neuromechanica


Wow, well RealityFade Records has another serious banger…..and a weird band, at that.  Heck, that’s what TMR strives for! This is a Russian Grindcore band….with yes, random jazz sections in between blast beats on their 15 minute album.  And NO this is not that clowncore weird crap that’s been circulating on the internet for years now! But maybe, it’s the guys that are in Clowncore? Who knows? Either way, its exhilarating and insane.  Short songs, fast tempos and random saxophone totally throw off any sense.  And then, there’s jazzy breaks after some death/grindcore sections that totally mess with your brain and emotions some more for the heck of it!

ByoNoiseGenerator is just so weird, you need to take 15 to 16 minutes out of your day to just listen to it.  The drums are insanely fun, fast, and ridiculous.  The saxophone is so random, but fits in….most of the time….I…think?  It’s such an obnoxious trip of oddities that you kinda crave more.  BNG is a very unique and original band that I’m pretty sure nobody sounds like them at all.  Your average metalhead will probably dismiss this band, but wow I was impressed.  If you love Grindcore this is your baby! But if you don’t like the random jazz and sax, then that might turn you off.  Check out this wildly entertaining album right here!


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